A place to play

Keeping little bodies and minds busy can be a challenge for moms and dads, especially when it’s cold outside! We’ve rounded up super practical ideas to put the ‘fun’ back into your children’s playrooms.

Camping in

Bring outdoor adventures indoors and pitch a tent in the playroom! It’s a great way to stimulate imaginative play and serves a cosy reading nook too!

We love these cute examples of indoor tents for kids…

A place to play1, 2 and 3

And making one is an easy DIY project thanks to this tutorial which you can find here.


When a visit to the local park is out of the question, an indoor play park will help children use up some of that seemingly endless energy! From swings to slides, there are lovely play park options you could safely bring indoors.

Collage-of-indoor-playparks4 and 5

Get crafty

If your children enjoy arts and crafts, get them involved in some colourful playroom décor updates.
Crafty décor update 1: Make festive bunting. This is a super project for 10 years-old and up. All you need is colourful fabric, pinking shears, bias-binding, a fabric marker, a sheet of cardboard and a sewing machine. We recommend following this easy DIY guide.


Crafty décor update 2: Blackboard walls
Spoil your budding little artists with a wall-to-wall blackboard! You can find blackboard paint at local hardware stores and hire a contractor or paint the walls yourself. Once the paint is dry, the children can redecorate their playroom on a daily basis with their artwork.


Organised play

No one likes tripping over toys so teach your children to keep their playrooms neat by providing great storage solutions like this square shelving unit. We love it because it can be used to safely store a child’s favourite toys on the bottom shelves while playthings you’d rather save for supervised playtime can be stored higher up. Safe, organised and a super stylish don’t you think?

A place to play8.

Warm and safe

Install our cordless honeycomb  blinds for a warmer safer playroom this winter! Regular blinds’ cords are tempting for little hands and as every parent knows, accidents can happen in a matter of seconds. Cordless honeycomb blinds also increase the heat retaining value of a window, known as R-values, due to air being trapped between the two layers of material in the honeycomb-shaped compartments of the blind. Find out more about our range of honeycomb blinds here.

So add some cheer to your home this winter, your children will love it and with school holidays just around the corner, it could save your sanity too!

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