With international partnerships ensuring the best raw material and internationally benchmarked manufacturing processes and technology; our manufacturing experience and expertise as well as our consistent innovation are guaranteed.

To ensure that our products are suitable to the South African conditions, all the timber used in the manufacture of our custom shutters are hand selected and dried using a specialised Prescription Wood Conditioning technique which emulates the environmental conditions of the location where the shutters are to be installed, thereby reducing post installations shrinking and swelling. Significant to South African conditions, the timber is also guaranteed to be resistant to beetle attack.

As a result of our longstanding international partnerships, our manufacturing facilities, equipment, technology and processes are world-class and internationally benchmarked. Our timber is quarter-sawn giving our shutters remarkable strength and stability, mortise and tenon joints are used to withstand stress and twisting forces, our exclusive core-reinforced engineered stiles ensure robustness and durability, our rabbet stiles offer extra light control and marine grade stainless steel is used for tilt rod connectors.

AMERICAN shutters® source and learn from the global industry then integrate this knowledge, technology and skill into South Africa. A perfect case study for this is our Decowood shutter range. Our most popular, eco-friendly and cost-effective range was initially only imported, but we now have the ability to manufacture it locally as well (both our imported and locally produced shutters are custom-made), creating employment opportunities and boosting our local economy when we do.