Anti-bacterial shutters and blinds

We are proud to introduce another first to the South African market; an anti-bacterial option to our shutters and blinds.

Anti-bacterial shutters and blinds are ideal for high traffic areas where communicable diseases are easily spread as well as in the homes where children and/or elderly residents suffer from compromised immune systems.

Sealed with Hygienilac, AMERICAN shutters range of anti-bacterial shutters and blinds will continue to kill off bacteria for as long as 10 years! The anti-bacterial properties are effective for years because of the lacquer’s inherently low water solubility.


By preventing the bacteria’s access to nutrients, Hygienilac starves the bacteria and has a kill rate of 99.9% over a 24 hour period.

Hygienilac has received a point 3 award from the UK’s NHS Infection Control Rapid Review Panel (Surface Coating Category), been approved by the FDA, HSE EPA and is BS6250 certified. The lacquer has also been tested by Bodycote Lawlabs against a range of bacteria and by FDAS against C difficile.

Now you can ensure a healthier home in 2011!

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