Boys will be boys

If you’re often nagging your son to tidy his bedroom, it’s time to for a change. Here a few ways to create a cool space your son will want to keep clean…

Boys will be boysDecorating boys’ rooms – Image credits below

Making the play

Set up play areas in your son’s room, ideal for gloomy days when he’s stuck indoors. While sports might seem like the only thing your son cares about, encourage his creativity and academic aspirations. You could set up a reading, music or art nook in a corner of his bedroom for example.

Calm and classic

Children need bedrooms where they play and sleep. It’s a challenge because when it comes to improving the quality of your sleep, experts recommend removing distractions from the bedroom. With children’s rooms, it’s all about finding a balance. Ideally, the décor should inspire a feeling of calm and great storage systems should hide distractions.
Pick a serene neutral base colour for the room and accessorise the room with one or two of your son’s favourite colours. Both blue and green are colours associated with relaxation and peace, ideal choices for a boy’s bedroom.
Shutters and blinds, with their horizontal lines, have a calming effect,” says Karina Palmer, interior designer and marketing director of AMERICAN shutters,” And when you choose wide louvres you get a clearer view out and maximise natural light when the louvres are open.”

White blinds at desk
If your son struggles to sleep, consider installing privacy premium custom-fit blinds which offer exceptional light block-out due to their slot free louvres and tight louvre closure. Classic and versatile, white and wooden shutters and blinds complement all colour schemes. Let’s face, your son is growing up and will eventually want to change that superhero duvet set. And when he does, at least, you won’t have to change the window treatments.

Store and score

Boys have lots of toys, from building blocks when they’re little, to electronic devices and sports equipment as they grow older. Bedroom cupboards don’t always offer enough space and without adequate storage space, a bedroom soon appears chaotic, cluttered and messy. Consider roll-out storage drawers for under the bed for shoes and sports equipment’s. Baskets and boxes in book shelves or on top of standalone cupboards make great hiding places for gadgets and gizmos.

Light the way

If there’s a hanging light in the room, remove it and replace it with down-lighters which fit neatly into the ceiling. Not only will it make the ceiling appear higher than it is, it will reduce the chance of an accident when your son decides to practice his golf swing or soccer skills. It’s bound to happen sooner or later, why wait for it?
We hope you’ve been inspired but before you start, remember this project is about getting your son to love his bedroom so involve him in the process. Let him choose his bedding, new blinds or shutters and decide how best to rearrange bedroom furniture. Our bet is if you can impart the love for clean design with your son, you won’t need to nag him to keep his room clean.

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