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Open plan, just better

A space where family members and friends come together to chat, be entertained, eat and drink, or simply relax; the ...
Thursday, May 25th

Home haute couture

Italian fashion designer, Giorgio Armani once said, “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest ...
Wednesday, December 7th

Inside out with security shutters

Break the rules this summer. Turn things inside out with an indoor-outdoor entertainment area as delightfully delirious as the energy ...
Thursday, October 13th

Private eye for style – why shutters are ideal for estate homes

Security and lifestyle choices are driving one of the most persistent trends in the South African property market, more and ...
Thursday, August 4th

Security shutters with both beauty and brawn

Home interior design has never been more impacted by the growing need for home security ...
Thursday, August 4th

Happy holiday home

Happy holiday homes make happy memories; memories that are shared among family and friends for generations, and that encourage return ...
Thursday, December 3rd

Up for the challenge

Decorating a new home can be as challenging as it is exciting. Each room needs to be individually addressed and ...
Sunday, August 23rd

Bathroom blitz – getting bang for your buck

“This home has too many bathrooms, wouldn’t it be nice if we could convert one into a spare room or ...
Thursday, July 30th

Kitchen high-five

There are five must-haves when it comes to kitchen interior design, and we’re not talking about the latest cheffy techno ...
Monday, July 20th

Don’t let small spaces cramp your decor style

Whether you are starting out or scaling down, learning how to decorate a smaller home is sure to come in ...
Monday, July 6th