Cosy lounge updates

It’s that time of year… the leaves are turning brown and blue skies will soon be grey. But instead of wishing you could reset summer on repeat, give your lounge a cosy update and you’ll be relishing warm evenings at home.

How to make a lounge cosy for winter1, 2 & 3.

Warming things up

What could be cosier than a glowing fire in the hearth? But if you’re looking for a long-term strategy, you want to retain heat!

Shutters and blinds can help keep the cold out. Our range of honeycomb blinds increases the heat retaining value of a window, known as R-values. According to Planet Green, good quality honeycomb blinds have an R-value of 3.

Because honeycomb blinds are made up of two of more layers of material, joined at the pleats, which create compartments, air is trapped between the layers in compartments and provides insulation.

Let there be light

During the day maximise natural light and save electricity by tilting shutters and blinds’ louvres to allow the most light in.

AMERICAN shutters' Decowood shutters


At night candles create a warm romantic glow unlike any other!

“Pools of diffused, mellow lighting help create a tranquil and warm effect,” says Karina.

If you have a beautiful fireplace but prefer using a heater, place white pillar candles of varying heights in the fireplace and light them at night; the effect is beautiful! Karina also suggests grouping furniture around the fireplace to make the focal point a decidedly warm one.

Cosy lounge
5 & 6.

If you don’t have a fireplace, display candles on a reflective tray or create a unique feature on a cake stand.

Touchable texture

“A sofa covered in textured fabric with fluffy down-filled cushions and warm throws, only a stretch away, are ideal,” says Karina Palmer, our marketing manager and interior designer.

If you love the country style or a shabby-chic look, woollen throws and knitted cushions are practical winter warmers that also reflect the popular handmade trend beautifully.

For minimal modern or classically elegant homes, velvet cushions and chenille throws are glamorous updates for winter.

Cellular blinds and knitted7 & 8.

Paint the scene

Find warm colourful accessories to complement your lounge by thinking about the effect you would like to create. Would you like strong contrasts or do you lean towards a subdued neutral effect?

To create a sizzling hot contrast, refer to our quick colour contrast guide:

Cool colour  – Warm contrasting colour
Blue – Orange
Green – Red
Purple – Yellow

Remember, you could vary the intensity. For example, the contrasting colour of green is red but if that reminds you too much of Christmas, use pink instead. Alternatively use warmer shades of the predominant colour. For example, in a predominately cool purple room, add lighter and warmer purple shades that are closer to pink than blue.

When in doubt, stick to neutrals. Cream, ivory and eggshell-white are warm and complement most colour schemes. Paint your walls the lightest shade of cream to instantly raise the colour temperature of a room. Wood is also warm tone and complements most colour schemes.

“Nothing quite completes a cosy living space like raw Cedarwood shutters with their beautiful texture, natural warm tones and attractive grain,” says Karina, “These shutters are not only pleasing on the eye, the wonderful cedar aroma gently permeates the air as the fireplace warms the room.”

Winter is starting to sound so… cosy!

Follow our hot home décor updates and inspiration this winter via Facebook and Twitter. And if you’d like to keep the cold out this winter with shutters and/or blinds, get a quote from our online showroom or email info@localhost/~darylglass/americanshutters for more information.

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