Create a love story for your home

Decorating your home is often a process of filtering through the many inspirations and ideas you have. We are surrounded by beauty every day, be it in nature, on the pages of a magazine or in the homes of friends and family, but we cannot always rely on our brains to record and remember these creative nuggets.

A great way to capture these inspirations and ideas is to create a love story for your home.

This love story can take the form of an image gallery, a scrapbook or even a treasure chest. Whatever you choose to use, make it a safe place to store the many inspirations and ideas you collect that you would one day like to incorporate into your home.

Creating this love story is a great way to relax and enjoy some me-time, escaping into the plans and dreams you have for your home.

Love story for your home


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Here are some suggested sources:

  • Magazines – home décor, lifestyle, fashion, travel and nature magazines contain many images that can spark your creativity, be it a colour scheme, a mood or a suggested décor scheme.
  • Internet – there are many décor and social media sites on which people share their ideas. Find your favourites, bookmark them and visit regularly.
  • Personal photographs – captured memories provide inspiration for décor that simulates the experience or mood.
  • Swatches and samples of fabric, wall paper and paint.
  • Photo library – create a catalogue of items such as furniture and accessories that have drawn your attention while shopping or browsing.
  • Your imagination – write down your thoughts and doodle your ideas.
  • Nature – collect the colours and textures of nature by taking photographs or keeping a reminder such as a leaf, flower, seashell etc.

Keep your love story safe and current and we have no doubt it will have a happy ending for your home and you!

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