Create a luxurious love nest

There are a few reasons why couples love to sneak off to hotels. The luxury, privacy and opulence of beautifully coordinated hotel rooms help couples unwind and enjoy a romantic escape.

While there’s nothing quite like a weekend getaway, there are so many ways to turn an ordinary bedroom into a private retreat for two.

Romantic bedroom inspiration 1.

Put the champagne on ice because we’re bringing the romance back into the bedroom!

Soft strokes of colour

Start with the walls. It’s a good idea to keep the colour palette simple and soft.

“Pure white or ivory painted walls are classic and the neutral foundation allows for one to easily and inexpensively refresh the décor by introducing new accent colours,” advises Karina Palmer, interior designer and marketing director of AMERICAN shutters.

Colour your bedroom2.

However, if you love colour on the walls; cool a sunny bedroom with serene sky blue or lilac. Feminine shades of rosy pink can add warmth to a dark north-facing room and if you want a colour that represents intimacy, orange is a fiery favourite!

Light the way

Candles are a bit cliché but with a little imagination they can create a soft light, ideal for a romantic evening! We love glass votive candle holders wrapped in lace for a romantic finish and lovely dappled light effect.

Lace candle holders 3.

Crystal and cut-glass chandeliers are timeless and available in various sizes and price ranges. Chandeliers add a romantic shimmer to any room, whether your style is shabby chic or classically elegant.

Bedrooms with chandeliers4.

We’re all trying to do our bit for the environment but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of great style! So here’s a tip for those of you who use energy saving CFL light bulbs: Make sure your CFL light bulbs are ‘warm white’ and not ‘cool white.’ Cool white is great in an office or garage but if you want a flattering rosy glow in your bedroom, opt for the warmer shade.

Lay down luxury

The first thing one usually sees when stepping into a bedroom is the bed. Justifiably your bed should be plush, inviting and look as good as it feels!

Use the best linen you can afford and layer it with velvety or satin textures, depending on the season and your preference, in the form of throws and cushions.

Beautiful romantic bedroom 5.

Make your bed a masterpiece by framing it with an interesting headboard. This white ornate headboard is an ideal fit for a grand vintage inspired bedroom.

Vintage white padded headboard 6.

A headboard that almost touches the ceiling draws eyes up the height of the room makes it feel bigger. Make a small room feel larger and more luxurious with an oversized padded headboard like this…

Oversized padded headboard 7.

An exotic headboard suits an eclectic style and will make you feel like you’re back on your island honeymoon… even decades later!

Exotic headboard 8.

No peeking

Some love fabric curtains but find they don’t block out street light at night and are quickly faded by the sun. Block-out the light and protect your privacy with our range of Privacy Select and Privacy Premium custom-fit blinds.

AMERICAN shutters' Privacy blinds9.

Our Privacy Select and Privacy Premium custom-fit blinds offer exceptional light block-out with the first slot-free louvres and tightest louvre closure.

Guilt has no place in a truly romantic boudoir and because our Privacy Select and Premium blinds are eco-friendly, it’s a guilt-free décor essential. Read more about what makes these blinds environmentally friendly here.

Coming up roses

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like fresh cut roses! Surprise your partner with a beautiful bowl of roses on his or her bedside table.

Roses collage10.

Remember, it’s not always the grandiose gestures but sweet acts of kindness that can melt a heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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