Create an inspirational workspace

Beat the boredom of admin by transforming your home office. We found inspiring home offices and investigated how ancient feng shui principals can be used to improve productivity.

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Successful positioning

According to the principals of feng shui, a desk should be positioned in commanding position. This means that when sitting at your desk, you should not have your back to a door or face a wall.

If you have to face the wall, mount artworks or a world map on the wall which will, according to feng shui, help make the wall ‘disappear.’ It’s also a great way to create a focal point and add interest to what could otherwise be a boring blank wall.

Let the light in

Working in poor light is enough to make you feel drowsy not to mention how it strains the eyes! Ensure your home office is well-lit and where possible, optimise natural light with blinds or shutters. To cut glare on a computer screen simply redirect natural light by adjusting the louvres of shutters or blinds.

If you’re a photographer or often use your home office as a makeshift photography studio to photograph products, you’ll love the soft diffused light created by our translucent honeycomb blinds. Working late? Block harsh security spotlights from shining into your home office with our day and night honeycomb blinds which allow you to choose between complete block out and a soft diffused light. Read more about honeycomb blinds here.


Create order

Create a productive and stylish office by decluttering your workspace. If you feel like you’re drowning in paper, tackle your filing, recycle what you don’t need and consider electronically filing instead of printing documents out.

Create beautiful workspaces with AMERICAN shutters

Breathe in green

Stay alert by ensuring a flow of fresh air in your home office. Open windows and adjust the louvres of shutters or blinds to optimise ventilation throughout the room.

You may want to add air-purifying plants to your office. A two-year study by the Agricultural University of Oslo found that people experienced reductions in fatigue, sore/dry throat, coughing and dry skin when plants were introduced into their offices.

A Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) is a beautiful addition to an office and it’s also one of 15 indoor plants recommended for improving air quality. NASA found that peace lilies remove three of the most common volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.

So whether you trying to build a successful business from home or simply want to update your office, take the time to transform your workspace and who knows, the admin may not seem quite so tedious when you’re sitting pretty!

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Image credits: 1. Chalkboard office via Martha Stewart 2. Nina Holst’s office via Stylizimo 3. Leslie Shewring’s office via decor8 4.Emma Reddington’s office via Design Sponge, 5. AMERICAN shutters & 6. Shutterstock.

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