Decowood: Synergy of head and heart

We get inspiration for our homes from the pages of décor and design magazines and websites, from the ideas and styles we see in the homes of friends and family and sometimes from the most unusual places, a beautiful sunset, a piece of art, a treasured photograph or simply an emotion we want the space to evoke.

Synergy of head and heart

These inspirations are primarily heartfelt responses to how we interpret what we see and feel. The head only gets involved when we start to run the numbers or consider the practicalities.

Synergy of head and heart

Furnishings and finishes that meet both the requirements of head and heart are décor gems, just as precious and as hard to come by. AMERICAN shutters’ Decowood range of shutters is one such gem; pretty and practical, stylish and strong, eco-friendly and pocket-friendly, this popular range ticks all the boxes.

Pretty and practical because, while they come in a wide range of finishes and colours, a choice of three louvre widths (63,89 and 114mm), three tilt rod options (traditional, off-set and secret tilt) and can be made in custom shapes such as triangles or to fit unusual angled openings, they are also; easy to clean, sun-, fade-, peel-, crack- and chip resistant.

Stylish and strong because, while they are elegant and easy-to-use and additional options such as ring-pulls and bolts and a range of frame options are available, they are engineered to provide an intense level of durability and structural integrity.

Eco-friendly and pocket friendly because, their manufacture has a minimal cost on the environment, and their purchase and installation is a cost-effective and stylish solution to any home.

Decowood shutters are manufactured locally from an advanced wood composite. The wood composite is engineered to precise design specifications using individual wood fibres sourced from sustainable forests. Engineered wood products are used in a variety of applications from home construction to commercial buildings and industrial products.

“Although most AMERICAN shutters’ wooden products are manufactured from raw material sourced from sustainable plantations, what makes our Decowood range so eco-friendly is the fact that the wood composite production involves very little waste with up to 95% of a tree utilised opposed to the only 68% utilised to manufacture solid wood products,” says Stephen Palmer, managing director of AMERICAN shutters.

Seldom do the head and heart agree, but with Decowood shutters, there is simply no argument from either.

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