Eco-friendly Privacy Blinds

If green is more than a colour to you, you’ll love our eco-friendly Privacy Select and Privacy Premium custom-fit blinds.

AMERICAN shutters’ eco-friendly Privacy Blinds

Manufactured from Kiri wood, a lightweight but durable hardwood, Privacy Select and Privacy Premium custom-fit blinds offer exceptional light block-out with the first hole-free louvres and tightest louvre closure. Kiri wood has a beautiful wood grain texture with a satin appearance and is naturally insect resistant, enhancing the blinds’ durability. However environmentalists see the most attractive feature of Kiri wood as the role Kiri plantations play in mitigating climate change.

AMERICAN shutters’ Privacy Select and Privacy Premium custom-fit blinds

Kiri is one of the most efficient tree species to absorb harmful greenhouse gases. One Kiri tree releases 6 kg of clean oxygen each day and absorbs up to 10 times the CO2 as other trees. It’s not magic but the enormous leaves, which grow up to a metre wide, which help to absorb greenhouse gases that much more efficiently. Kiri trees also grow considerably quickly and after just three to five years a Kiri tree can reach up to 20 metres on average.

Image of Kiri tree via Flickr

Privacy Select and Privacy Premium custom-fit blinds are available in a vast range of colours, three slat sizes ranging from 50mm to 63mm wide, and can be matched to any shade of our shutters. Now you can green your home, in various colours, and support a beautifully green world!

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