Fast lounge makeover

A lounge is more than a room; it’s often the heart of a home. In its usual state one may find children’s homework sprawled across the floor and the coffee table covered with magazines, all to the soundtrack of Cartoon Network. As homely as this may be, it is not exactly a welcoming scene for guests.

Fast lounge make-over tips1, 2, 3, & 4

Everyone deserves a beautiful lounge and in less than three hours, without spending a fortune, everyone can have one! Follow these fast fuss-free décor updates…

Throw down texture

A throw is one of the fastest ways to add texture and comfort. Use colourful throws to instantly update neutral rooms and add a seasonal flair. The colour turquoise for example is a cool colour, perfect for summer and is also the Pantone colour of 2010.

Use different throws for different seasons like light woven throws in summer and warm mohair throws for winter. Machine washable throws is a family home essential which will protect couches from ‘mud-pie-making’ fingers. A large throw or fitted sofa cover can protect that light coloured lounge suite you bought before children and/or pets.

Blooming good

Flowers have the ability to brighten up any room, add colour and natural scent. Choose flowers that compliment the colour scheme or opt for a classic bouquet of white flowers that will suit almost any room (a good tip to keep in mind when buying flowers for a friend).

Prefer flowers that last? Orchids are exotic, striking and have a sculptural quality that instantly transforms a space into an area of interest. Display your orchids in a mirror box for a modern metallic finish.

Scatter colour

Change the covers of your scatter cushions and add some more cushions of different sizes and shapes. Play with colour and pattern to add bursts of colour and interest (not to mention the added comfort). You could introduce a ‘summer look’ and ‘winter look’ into your lounge simply by changing your arrangement of scatter cushions. Don’t be scared to mix graphic pattern and floral prints if it works in your room because when with flair, almost anything goes.

Once the last touches are in place, pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up and take a moment to marvel at your cost effective lounge makeover. And if you are anything like us, that will last a minute and then you’ll be on to planning your next room makeover!

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