Fauxwood blinds

Our award-winning Fauxwood blinds are ideal for humid areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Popular for their authentic wood grain appearance and their wide range of finishes, our Faux Wood slat blinds are great value for money and worth waiting for.

Fauxwood blinds


This smart alternative to wood blinds has classic good looks that don’t age. Made from PVC-foam (PVC Synthetic) and in a choice of 5 shades of white and 8 wood grain finishes in our Fauxwood Forest Range, they are the perfect choice for high heat and humid environments. Guaranteed against fading, warping, yellowing or bowing.


  • Only the finest materials and hardware components are used in the manufacture of our blinds.
  • Manufactured and installed to best practice European and American quality standards.

Features and finishes

  • Unique to American shutters, our blinds are available in a choice of 2 slat widths, the standard 50mm and the shutter-like 63mm.
  • We offer a choice of finishes. 5 shades of white and 8 wood-printed colour options in our Faux Wood Forest Range, each with an authentic looking wood grain.
  • Our valance option can be made in the same finish as the blinds and continues the space to create an architrave and frame the blinds beautifully; elevating their design and hiding the head rail.
  • Our blinds have a bevelled bottom rail designed to roll with the slats as the blinds are closed. The bottom rail also has an innovative concealed rail cap, which allows the rail to fit flush on the bottom of the windowsill.
  • Because our blinds are custom-made we ensure our ladders will always be a constant distance of 150mm from the edges.

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