Home décor trend: Neon and grey

Grey replaced beige as the preferred neutral and in 2012 neon meets grey in an ode to the 80’s. The result is bright, bold and refreshingly cool!


If you love this look, we’ve compiled five simple ways to add pops of neon colour to your home without spending a fortune…

1. Limit the colour palette. Neon pink and bright yellow and both look fantastic with grey. Pick one and make this the main accent colour.

2. Update soft furnishings; it’s one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to change a colour scheme. We loved the neon and grey cushions from Aqua Door Designs as seen on Etsy here.

3. Work with what you have. For example, create a colour block display on a shelf with a collection of National Geographic magazine stacked with their bright yellow spines facing outwards.

4. Leave your inner art critic speechless with an awe-inspiring neon artwork. We love the bright floral painting, contrasted against a charcoal grey wall, as spotted by Sherry and John of Young House Love here. You don’t have to spend a fortune to recreate the look, simply buy a large canvas and bright paint. Pour, splatter and brush colour across the canvas Jackson Pollock style.

5. Give pot plants a neon make-over like Lexy of The Proper Pinwheel did here. It looks easy enough and when you want a change, you could repaint it in a few months.

If you love embracing the latest décor trends, ensure you have a classic base on which to start. For example, white shutters and blinds complement most colour schemes and because they’re fitted, they add value to a home too… no matter what the fashion.

Image credits: On a shelf image via Fashionable Interiors , neon and grey cushions by AquaDoorDesigns on Etsy, middle image via Young House Love and DIY neon pot plants via The Proper Pinwheel.

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