How to create a gallery wall

Chock-a-block with carefully curated art collections, the gallery wall has become a quintessential signature of style. Here’s our paint-by-number guideline to help you create a gorgeous gallery wall at home…

Gallery walls home décor trend

The art

Select artworks and photographs you love. Don’t be scared to mix valuable pieces with Saturday market finds, as long as they complement each other. You could collate a collection according to a particular theme, medium or create continuity in a mixed collection by framing the artworks in similar frames.

The wall

Map out where your gallery wall will be. In an article on home décor site Apartment Therapy, Eleanor Büsing recommends measuring 145cm from the floor. Apparently 145cm is the average human eye-height and is the standard hanging height used in many art galleries.

The layout

It’s a fine art creating a gallery wall because unlike hanging just one artwork, each piece needs to be in balance with the rest of the collection and the room. To get it right, try this…

  1. Lay all the artworks on the floor and move them into an arrangement you like.
  2. Take a photo with your digital camera or phone so you have a reference picture.
  3. Using brown paper, trace each artwork and cut out a paper template for each frame. Büsing recommends making a hanging mark on each template to indicate where the nail will go.
  4. Using your reference picture, arrange the paper templates on the wall. Stand back to get an idea of how the arrangement works within the space.

The final product

Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement, hammer or drill nails through the hanging marks on each paper template. Remove paper and hang the artworks using the reference picture as a reminder of the positioning.
Now stand back and enjoy your stylish gallery – you’ve just nailed this home décor trend!

Gallery walls eclectic and mismatched

Image credits Apartment TherapyApartment TherapyDesign Sponge,  Desire to InspireHabitually Chic, Samantha Pynn , Simply Seleta and Young House Love.

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