Making an entrance

Warm welcome or cold shoulder? How does your home’s entrance greet you after a long day?

How to improve your home's curb appeal

If your answer sends chills down your spine, here are a few ways to revitalise your home’s entrance and improve its ‘curb appeal.’

Down the garden path

A well-planned garden can make a big difference, and you don’t need to be Keith Kirsten (although you might like to refer to his gardening books) to improve your garden.

Place a few large pot plants on the edges of a driveway or paved area to add colour and create an interesting visual flow into the garden.

Line a garden pathway with scented flowers, such as lavender, a small low-maintenance, evergreen, water wise shrub known for its calming scent and perfect to the South African climate. This will turn walking up a garden path into an instantly pleasurable experience.

A garden can add value to a property

Add dimension and interest by anchoring your front porch with pot plants that echo your home’s colour scheme. Do the same by hanging window boxes under each window. Add value and style by installing exterior shutters that seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Knock three times

Life’s too short for a drab front door! Simply apply a fresh coat of paint in a colour that contrasts the exterior walls for a dramatic improvement.

yellow and green front porch
This dark green door contrasts the mustard yellow walls while echoing the green of the interior shutters and lawn. The white-painted mounting, window frames, eaves and pillars unifies the look beautifully.

Other striking front door colours for white or off-white painted homes include royal blue, hot pink, deep purple, teal, navy or red. For houses that have been painted in light shades of grey, dusty pink, lavender or light buttercup yellow front doors, framed by white, look sensational.

Light the way

And finally, ensure that your home looks just as beautiful at night by installing attractive lighting, also a valued security feature.

If you don’t like obvious bulky outdoor lighting, talk to your electrician about installing down lighters into roof eaves. You could also install waterproof up-lighters, which can be fitted into the ground, along your garden path or in your garden to illuminate plants at night.

And there you have it; the remedy for a long stressful day is as simple as the sight of home!

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Sources: Stodels and all images via Shutterstock

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3 responses to “Making an entrance”

  1. Bets says:

    This is my home’s weak point – people are always pleasantly surprised once inside because outside betrays what lies within… When the weather clears, I am definitely taking up the challenge. Thanks!

  2. Glenda says:

    I also need to take up the challenge, my entrance has all the potential to be really welcoming, but the built in curb planter is sadly neglected and could be filled with really gorgeous planting, your pictures have inspired me!!

  3. oh I can’t wait to paint our front door a bright colour.