Timber Shutter; more green for less green

Renovating or redecorating is not cheap and when the to-do and shopping lists for the project seem to stretch on longer than the budget does, tough decisions need to be made. Quality, cost, choices of styles and design often take priority over the eco-friendly nature of materials and finishes. These decisions are made more difficult by the fact that the greener the product the bigger the price tag seems to be.

AMERICAN shutters offer a welcome change to this perception. Our Decowood range of shutters is not only our most cost effective; it is also our most eco-friendly. Made from medium density fibreboard, commonly referred to as MDF, Decowood shutters gives you more green for your money.

Wooded shutters

The MDF used in the manufacture of Decowood shutters is made from engineered wood composite (individual wood fibres) The wood composite is bound together to form extremely strong panels which are then further strengthened with engineered wooden stiles. The result is a resilient material able to withstand desert –like temperatures.

Our wooden shutters are manufactured from raw material sourced from sustainable plantations, but what makes our Decowood range the greenest shutter option is the fact that the wood composite production involves very little waste with up to 95% of a tree utilised opposed to the only 68% utilised to manufacture solid wood products.

Decowood shutters are available in three louvre widths and a wide choice of colours. They are treated with a special UV inhibitor to protect the colour from fading in the harsh African sun. The patented polypropylene coating, widely used to protect cars and home appliances ensures that Decowood shutters resist chipping, peeling and cracking.

Green from start to finish, Decowood shutters have been tested for formaldehyde emissions and passed as an environmentally safe product. For all the above reasons, Decowood was an obvious choice when building Intaka Island’s Green Building at Century City. Intaka Island is a wetland and bird sanctuary and the Green Building is a showcase for the best green building practices and materials.

A green favourite of many homeowners, architects, interior designers and builders, Decowood is the perfect shutter range for the eco-conscious who refuse to compromise on choice, quality and style.

Request a quote on our Decowood shutters on our online showroom or contact us for more information. Read more about our eco-friendly range of blinds here.

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