Roller screens

Let our interior Roller Screens be the gracious host when inviting fresh air, sunshine, landscapes, seascapes and sky into your home. Their precision-engineered systems and variety of fabrics, colours and installation and operation choices ensure that the results are as unique as your interior décor.

Roller screens


Our Roller Screens are available in a choice of more than 180 premium fabrics and colours, including our own Classic series and the popular SheerWeave and Mermet fabrics. All of which comply with the international NFPA 701 standards, which govern fire retardant and flame propagation standards for textiles.

Some of the fabrics are GREENGUARD® certified and tested.  GREENGUARD® is a worldwide environmental institute dedicated to improving indoor air quality and reducing chemical exposure.

We have a range of privacy levels from 0% to 12% transparency. The more transparent fabrics offer visibility of the outdoors while protecting the interior from harmful UV rays.


  • Our Roller Screens are available in a variety of cover / fascia options; from square or rounded fascias to fully enclosed systems that conceal the fabric roll and hereby offer a clean modern look.
  • To provide enhanced light blockage, our unique total Blockout system is ideal. The system includes side channels down which the screen is guided and a bottom channel, in which the bottom bar rests.
  • The covers / fascias are manufactured from aluminium and are available in a choice of colours to suit your fabric choice or décor.
  • Our screens have been specially designed to cater for extra wide openings of up to 3.6m per single screen. We can cater for wider openings using our Coupled Screen that is operated on a single chain with a narrow 20mm gap between screens.
  • The screens are easily installed as either face-fixed or top-hung using heavy-duty steel installation brackets.
  • The Roller Screens can either have a manual chain operation or motorised operation.
    • Non-motorised manual operation roller screens
      • Have an enhanced ease of use option that reduces lifting force requirements by way of either the Rollease™ Spring Assisted clutch or the Rollease™ Galaxy 400 clutch. The Spring Assisted clutch reduces the lifting of a heavy screen to only 2,5kgs.
      • The chains are available in custom lengths and colours or as is in stainless steel. Chains can be located on either the left or the right hand side of the screen.
    • Our motorised roller screens use a SOMFY motor, recognised worldwide as the leading brand in automation products. SOMFY motors come with a 5-year warranty.

Features and finishes

  • Variety of fabrics and colours ensure the perfect solution to any interior décor style,
  • Easy to clean and maintain,
  • Available in:
    • Variety of cover / fascia options,
    • Range of privacy levels from 0% to 12%,
    • Total Blockout,
    • Manual or motorised operation,
    • Chain and aluminium, cover / fascia colour choices,
    • Enhanced clutch options for reduced lifting force and ease of use,
    • With a 1 year warranty on materials and a 5 years warranty on the SOMFY motor.

Cleaning instructions

  • Use a feather duster to remove dust.
  • Use a soft cloth or sponge with a mild soap and water solution to clean.
  • The screen needs to be completely dry before rolling.
  • No abrasive or harsh cleansers should be used as these can damage the screen.


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