Shutter in the warmth this winter

Let’s be honest; when the bitter cold of winter bites, the last thing on our minds is style. Once in the privacy and comfort of our homes, we quickly forfeit fashion for thick winter socks, fluffy slippers, fleecy jackets and beanies, and just as quickly, we sacrifice our homes’ sense of style by hauling out bulky heaters, mismatched blankets and throws.


However, your home’s décor doesn’t need to be martyred for comfort and warmth. By making some clever design choices focused on the areas of your home that are responsible for most of its heat loss, namely the doors and windows, you can design a winter-friendly home that looks as hot as it feels!

The science

Before discussing the solutions to reduce this heat loss, here’s the science: heat is lost through glass windows and doors via thermal radiation, heat conduction, convection and air leakage.

Un-insulated clear glass windows or doors absorb the warmth inside your home and then re-radiate it to the exterior or allow it to pass through from the indoors to the outdoors.

Openings due to damaged or poor fitted windows and doors allow warm air to be lost to the exterior as a result of air leakage.

The solution

Interior wooden shutters are great thermal insulators as they provide a barrier between the outside cold and indoor warmth.

Considered permanent fixtures, interior shutters add value to your home and have great design-appeal. For pure style, there is simply no other window treatment that matches the beauty of wooden shutters; whether finished in neutrals or custom colours or left to show the natural beauty of the timber used, they complement any interior style from classic to modern, from traditional to eccentric.

When opened, the winter sun is allowed to shine through uninterrupted to warm the interior, and when closed, the shutters trap the warmth from the day inside and prevent it from escaping through the glass windows and doors of the home.

decowood bedroom
Interior shutters allow the winter sun in and close up to keep the winter cold out.

Whether it’s AMERICAN shutters’ most popular and eco-friendly Decowood range manufactured from advanced wood composite or the exclusivity of our solid timber Normandy, White Teak and Selectwood ranges, our shutters offer versatility, privacy, light and ventilation control, and insulation to any room in the home.

So when winter bares its teeth, trust the ever-fashionable style of interior shutters to keep your home looking and feeling hot!

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