Small home… big ideas

Whether it’s your first apartment or a family home, there are bound to be times when you think, ‘I wish I had more space!’

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And since its spring, the season to reduce clutter and redecorate, here are our tips for making the most of a small space…

Clutter be gone

Think creatively about storage; it can make a big difference!

  • Floating shelves are fantastic; visually they don’t take up much wall space and they provide a display area for prized ornaments, books and framed photos. But be warned, if you or your family are prone to cluttering surfaces, a stylish floating shelf could soon turn into an eyesore.
  • Have wooden storage drawers custom made to fit under your bed and utilise hidden floor space to its full potential.
  • Woven baskets add an interesting natural texture to a room. And when you place them on top of cupboards, they’re stylish storage units too!
  • Revaluate your bedside pedestals. If you have small tables struggling to balance books, reading glasses and reading lamp, consider bedside cabinets which offer storage space.

Let the light in

Curtains often conceal the edges of a window, limiting the amount of natural light in a room, and the gathers take up floor space. And who has the time to fight with curtain hooks, tiebacks and be bothered with washing heavy curtains anyway?!

Maximise space and natural light by installing blinds that fit neatly in the window frame and allow for easy light control. When fully opened, quality blinds stack away beautifully and let the maximum natural light in. At AMERICAN shutters we are able to match shutters and blinds perfectly so you could install shutters instead of curtains for glass sliding doors and coordinate them perfectly with the window blinds.

Our Privacy Select range come in three louvre sizes with the largest slat size being 63.5mm. Selecting blinds with a large slat size is a way to give you windows a ‘shutter-look’ for less! Honeycomb blinds, which are made up of two of more layers of material joined at the pleats to create honeycomb-shaped compartments, are ideal to improve heat and sound insulation. And because they take up minimal space in the stacked position, honeycomb blinds  are an economical choice for door openings.

These four walls

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders! To create a feeling of airiness try white, off-white or soft pastel shades on walls. If you’re a fan of bold walls, use a dark shade on one feature wall. Dark colours recede and help create the perception of depth.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Install large floor-to-ceiling mirrors with neat bevelled edges in a modern room, hang an ornate framed statement mirror for a classic update or turn a collection of elegant vintage mirrors into a feature and increase natural light and depth in a small room.

The artists’ way

A landscape painting has a wonderful way of creating a window into another world! The right painting will not only create a focal point in room, it could create an illusion of depth and space.

When buying artwork to make a room appear larger, opt for a large landscape painting, similar in size to a window, or a long panoramic piece that will draw the eye vertically along the wall.

And when all else fails, one of our Facebook fans Shireen Schultz has super advice which sums up our ideas succinctly, “Use light coloured curtains, shutters, blinds and wall paint. Mirrors can make a space look larger and make sure there’s absolutely no clutter!”

So remember, no matter how small a house, your home should always be big on style!

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Image credits: HGTV, Brabourne Farm, House to Home , House and Home via Deliciously Disorganised and Pure Style Home

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  1. Shireen Schultz says:

    Love the post! Thanks for mentioning me – it is wonderful that fans get a super mention! Loving the awesomeness!