Snuggle up – cosy bedroom ideas

The icy fingers of winter have gripped South Africa and made it harder to get out of bed in the morning. Thank goodness for weekend morning lie-ins, reading in bed and lazy Sunday afternoon naps!

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In celebration of cosy weekends at home, here are a few ways to make staying in bed all the more irresistible…

Touchable texture

Add soft and snuggly texture to your bedroom. If you prefer modern décor, dress up your bed up with the faux fur throw. If you love rustic country-style décor, a beautifully knitted blanket would look lovely! You can find knitted cable throws at Hertex and you could even add a few crochet cushions by South African crafter, Love Lolla.

Lighting the fire

Would you like a romantic fireplace in your bedroom? Few of us are that lucky but with a good heater and scented candles, we can create the warmth of a fire without the ghastly day-after smell and mess. We love scented soya candles that can also be used as a rich moisturiser when warm.

Candles also create a soft, warm light. And while we’re talking about light, go on and change those bright white light globes for warm white or rose pink ones to instantly warm the tone of your bedroom at night.

Insulation and privacy

Nothing spoils the sanctity of a bedroom quite like the feeling that you’re being watched. Somewhat transparent curtains are lovely during the day and in summer but less than ideal during the night or throughout the chilly winter months. Improve insulation and guard your privacy without having to give up the curtains you love by simply adding Privacy blinds. Privacy blinds offer the first hole-free louvres and tightest louvre closure for exceptional light blackout and increased insulation. Read more about Privacy blinds here.


Fresh and warm

We’ve all heard how beneficial fresh air is but let’s face it; few of us can handle sleeping with the window open at night. Fortunately Mother Nature has a perfect solution in the form of the Sansevieria, also known as a snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue. In comparison to most plants, this structural plant works in reverse absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen at night so you can breathe deeply.

Image credits: 1. Hand-knitted blanket on bed 2. Candles and coffee beans 3. AMERICAN shutters, 4. Love Letter pillows via Etsy and 5. Love Lolla via Etsy

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