In all shapes and sizes

When designing or choosing a property, unique features and design elements that stand out from the norm create interest and add value. However, these focal points can also create headaches when it comes to furnishing and finishing: beautiful yes, practical not always.

With the growing trend of designing and building spaces that allow maximum use of natural light and energy and the increasingly popular design theme of integrating outdoor and indoor areas, windows have taken centre stage.
Glass walls, windows of unusual shapes and sizes and in unique positions are regular features in design media showcases. But once the marvel of unique architecture, the beauty of uninterrupted vistas and the warmth of sunshine flooded indoor spaces have been appreciated, the question on how to finish these windows begs answering. After all, the real beauty of a space is realised in its practicality and integration with the needs of the occupants. Insulation, privacy, security and personal interior design styles are all aspects that need attention.

The worst insult to cutting edge architecture is when finishes diminish rather than enhance the design principle of a space. When architecture, interior design and decor work together, the results are deceptively natural and seamless.

The challenge is to work within the design theme of a space; identifying the original design brief and the needs of a space then follow through with this in the way the space is decorated and finished. Sourcing and installing quality finishes that are customised to the exact needs of the opening are imperative.

AMERICAN shutters manufacture shutters and blinds to unique specifications for all openings irrespective of size and shape. From arched, to triangular, to domed shaped openings, AMERICAN shutters offers a wide range of styles, designs and finishes to complement the architecture of the opening.

Our appreciation for efficient and uncomplicated products with contemporary, clean lines that do not interrupt, but rather enhance the style of a room is at the heart of our product development. “By-pass, bi-fold or hinged shutters with ‘secret tilt’ louvres i.e. no tilt rod, available in South Africa’s widest range of raw material and finishes, ensure that we are able to offer a bespoke solution to any design brief.

The value of shutters and blinds is contradictory in a sense; when opened they are silent understudies to the wonder of architectural elements and natural outdoor beauty, yet when closed their natural and timeless beauty is spotlighted.

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