Summer home décor trends

This summer home décor reflects a love for travel and green sensibilities, while turning homes into retreats best enjoyed from shutter enclosed patios.


Learn how to give your home a stylish update this summer by following these tips…

All Mapped out

Dreaming about tropical island escape, a safari through Africa or reminiscing about the month you backpacked across Europe? Bring your love of travel into your home with one of this summer’s hottest trends – maps! From wall hangings to soft furnishings, maps are leading the way in home décor.

If you love this trend, try these ideas:

  • Print out a vintage map, frame, hang and liven up a blank wall.
  • Create a collection of collage artworks by cutting shapes and silhouettes out of old maps, mounting on complementary coloured or white board and framing for fast, eye-catching décor.
  • Use Mod Podge or wallpaper glue to stick a large map to a cork pin board, secure it within an elegant vintage or white-washed shabby-chic picture frame and hang above a desk for a home office pin board with a difference!
Maps used in home décor2.

Outdoor living

Long stretched out summer days lends itself perfectly to outdoor living and what better way to enjoy a South African summer than from your patio! Create a versatile extension of your home by enclosing a deck or terrace with timber or aluminium shutters.

Summer outdoor living with AMERICAN shutters3.

And because shutters improve insulation, an enclosed patio will stay cooler in summer (great from those sweltering hot days) and warmer in winter.

Fabulous foliage

Create a beautiful view from and within your patio, with a variety potted plants and a layered gardening technique. Watch this video for easy patio gardening advice and create a sense of depth in your garden by following these steps:

  • Paint concrete or plastered garden boundary walls with neutral dark green or brown shades and they’ll soon ‘disappear’ into the background.
  • To further camouflage boundary walls, plant large shrubs or trees in front of them.
  • Plant medium-height plants in front of the large shrubs and, if you have still have space, plant smaller plants in the very front.

The result is a lush garden which appears to have no end.

Lush suburban garden

And because plants help absorb noise and improve air quality, walking into your garden will feel like you’ve entered a private garden sanctuary, even in the middle of the city!

The natural order

Yesterday’s hard, fast-paced city slickers are today’s slow-food market regulars and urban farmers. The eco-consciousness movement continues to permeate our lifestyles and this summer we’re seeing a marked increase in natural and living home décor.

Nature-inspired home décor 4.

Here are a few ways to replicate this trend:

  • Install shutters or blinds to better insulate your home, opting for our eco-friendly shutters and blinds in a natural timber finish.
  • Decorate your coffee table with small potted succulents or a miniature garden.
  • Place twigs around the base of an old lamp or glass cylinder vase and either stick them down with clear glue or secure with natural string for a rustic look.

With AMERICAN shutters, strategically planned gardens and gorgeous natural home décor, you’ll feel like you’re on a summer holiday from the moment you walk through the front door!

Image credits: 1. vintage world map cushion, AMERICAN shutters image library, succulents on coffee table, rustic beach mobiles and miniature garden; 2. framed map, vintage world map cushion and heart maps; 3. Shutterstock and AMERICAN shutters image library; 4. miniature garden, succulents on coffee table,  rustic beach mobilesand twig lanterns.

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2 responses to “Summer home décor trends”

  1. Dave says:

    I like the idea of making artwork and ornaments out of maps. It’s the first time I’ve come across something that seems manageable and cost effective to make. I’m not usually into interior decor and things but I got a house valuation recently because I’m looking to sell up. I was basically advised that I needed to make the place look more inviting to prospective buyers so really good advice, thanks for this!

  2. Janine says:

    Love the decorative framed heart maps… to remind us of our favourite holiday destinations visited.