Summer Temptation: Powder white and gold

This inspiration board is all about kicking back in style and feeling like you’re on a summer holiday every day!

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Summer temptation inspiration: “Ice cold beer and powder white beaches.” – Brandon van Schalkwyk

The result…

Powder white and gold summer home décor inspiration

Get the look:

  • Clean lines and a superb view; recreate this look in your sunroom or enclosed patio by keeping décor to a minimum and allowing AMERICAN shutters to frame the horizon.
  • Control the light by adjusting the louvres or open shutters to enjoy an uninterrupted view.
  • Our by-pass shutters are ideal to melt the indoors and outdoors during the summer months.
  • Remove carpeting and either fit warm wooden floors or stain a concrete floor white to reflect powder white beaches.

Get the AMERICAN shutters’ product: Normandy shutters

  • Made from the wood of the Kiri tree, one of the fastest growing tree species, the timber has a beautiful light honey to blond colour, an extraordinary wood grain and a silky, satin appearance.
  • Excellent thermal qualities make these shutters perfect for keeping a space cool in summer.
  • With a palette of natural and solid colours or stains to choose from or the option of custom colour finish matched to any paint you choose, these shutters complement and enhance any design space.
  • They can be made to fit in special and unusual shapes such as arches, triangles, circles etc.
  • Click here to read more about Normandy shutters.

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3 responses to “Summer Temptation: Powder white and gold”

  1. Joan Bousfield says:

    Love this, very summery 🙂

  2. Anton says:

    This is so inviting, feel like jumping into the picture, kicking off my shoes, settling down in the chair and sipping that beer!!

  3. Abigail Jacobs says:

    Love it! love it! very relaxing kick back admosphere. Feels like summer.