That summer feeling

Summer holidays beckon but if you can’t get away, fear not because we’ve devised a way to create a summer holiday escape on your doorstep!

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Turn your home’s outdoor space into an enticing retreat, a place to spend an afternoon reading, snoozing in a hammock or sipping cocktails in the late afternoon sunshine.

Start by considering ways to increase privacy, improve shelter and the insulation of your ‘outdoor room.’ If you have a patio or veranda, you could erect a pergola, flat or sloped roof and enclose the space with Security shutters or Select shutters.

Made from 100% recyclable powder-coated aluminium, Security shutters include stainless steel locks, screws and fittings, and anodised aluminium tracks and hinges for anti-corrosion. Our Selectwood shutters, with their rich woody aroma and warm colour, can be customised to meet your exact requirement as either interior or exterior shutters.

If you have a balcony, consider installing a Markilux 930 swing awning. The unique pivoting mechanism allows you to pivot the awning to a pre-set pitch anywhere from 5° to 80° to increase privacy or shelter your balcony.
Once you’ve created a sheltered outdoor space, start adding comfortable garden furniture and work on creating a view that will transport you and your family into a nature reserve, an English country garden or a tropical getaway.

No matter what the size of a garden, one can create a view that seems endless by camouflaging boundary walls and layering plants. To start, paint boundary walls in dark neutral shade like a dark green. Dark colours recede creating a sense of depth and once you’ve planted a few shrubs in front of the walls, they ‘disappear’ into the background. Plant trees or large shrubs a few metres from the wall with medium height shrubs placed in-between. Fill the rest of garden beds with smaller low growing plants and flowers.

To create a beautiful garden in a small patio or on a balcony, use a variety of potted plants, accessories and a dash of creativity. You don’t have to shy away from large plants in order to make the most of a small outdoor space – potted trees and shrubs help anchor a space, shelter it from the wind and improve privacy. Place the largest potted plants at the very edge of your patio or balcony with smaller potted plants placed in front to create a sense of depth. Choose dark coloured pots or repaint exciting pots in a dark shade. Just as dark shades help walls recede, they will help create a sense of depth in small container gardens.

For inspiration, watch the video below to see how one couple turned their narrow balcony into a tranquil Zen garden. It’s incredible!

Plants help improve air quality and like shutters; help insulate a space from noise. A beautiful garden and a sheltered patio or balcony will transform an outdoor space into a peaceful sanctuary, even if you live in the middle of a city!

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