Wooden slat blinds

Our wooden slat blinds are manufactured and installed to the same exacting quality standards as our shutters. The degree of customisation and our range of quality features and finishes are unmatched on the South African market and worth waiting for.
Wooden Slat Blinds


Our wooden slat blinds are manufactured from the hardwood of the Kiri tree, one of the world’s most sustainable and fastest growing tree species. Sawn timber can be harvested in less than 10 years and after harvesting, a new tree can grow from the original stump (coppice growth) making it one of those rare environmental solutions that also make economic sense.

Kiri wood is dimensionally stable, consistently knot-free and durable with a beautiful light honey to blond colour. It has one of the highest strength to weight ratios and is free of volatile oils and low in resin making it one of the most fire retardant timbers (ignition temperature of 420°C to 430°C compared to the average hardwood of 220°C to 230°C).

It has low thermal conductivity thus is an excellent insulator and it is naturally resistant to rotting and decay.


  • Only the finest materials and hardware components are used in the manufacture of our blinds.
  • Quarter sawn slats, created by making parallel cuts to the tree ring give the slats a higher dimensional stability to resist cupping, twisting and warping.
  • Our blinds come with a brushed colour coded (to either silver, white, antique brass or black) aluminium head rail
  • Manufactured and installed to best practice European and American quality standards.

Features and finishes

  • Unique to American shutters, our blinds are available in a choice of 2 slat widths, a standard 50mm and a shutter-like 63mm,
  • Our blinds offer a palette of 50 stains and colours to choose from as well as the option of custom finishing to the colour of your choice,
  • We offer 6 valance options to match and frame the blinds beautifully,
  • Our blinds have a bevelled bottom rail designed to roll with the slats as the blinds are closed. The bottom rail also has an innovative concealed rail cap, which allows the rail to sit flush on the bottom of the window sill,
  • For seamless style we are able to put as many as three drops on a single head rail, Because our blinds are custom-made we ensure our ladders will always be a constant distance of 150mm from the edges,
  • We also offer the option to have cloth or decorative tape running down the face of the blinds to cover the ladders.,
  • Our wooden slat blinds are easy to install with a lightweight aluminium head rail, simple universal or swivel mounting brackets and an adjustable clip on pre-mitered valance,
  • Our blinds match perfectly with our shutters.

Privacy blinds

Our Privacy blinds are an excellent solution for the unsightly holes that allow light leaks and loss of privacy. Designed to have a sleek and modern appearance with superior closure that is only available from AMERICAN shutters.

Our Privacy blinds are manufactured from eco-friendly Kiri wood which has a beautiful wood grain texture with a satin appearance and is naturally insect resistant, enhancing the blinds’ durability.

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