Island living at home

Escape to an island paradise; picture yourself sipping cocktails on a beachside veranda while soaking up the sun and taking in the view. It’s a decadent dream but by mixing this clever cocktail of decorating tips, anyone can create an island retreat in their own home!

Island living

Our Island living cocktail:

  • Mix wicker or vintage white-washed furniture with soft scatter cushions in colours that reflect sea and sky blues.
  • Add main ingredient of wooden shutters and / or blinds.
  • Serve against a backdrop of soft or tropical colours and accessorise with natural elements; such as sea shells, dried driftwood, pebbles and some leafy potted plants.

Best enjoyed outdoors on a veranda or in an outdoor entertainment area with family and friends.

Bring your outdoor area indoors and enjoy this lifestyle all year round with AMERICAN shutters’ hinged bi-fold shutters. These shutters fold and slide away allowing the space to open completely, letting in the summer breeze and sunshine on warm days and evenings. In cooler times, closing these shutters protects your furniture from the elements and allows lazy winter sun to filter through, making it a comfortable space to enjoy in all seasons.

Take your indoor area outdoors by doing exactly the same. AMERICAN shutters and blinds offer excellent thermal insulation; blocking out the intense heat of the sun in hot summer months and providing an attractive insulating layer to keep homes warm in winter. Because they are adjustable, the amount of airflow and light can be controlled to suit specific ventilation and lighting needs.

Water feature on Hilton Kauai Beach Resort grounds

Image credit:  Donna62

If your outdoor/indoor space leads onto a pool, carry the island style to the pool area by planting ever-green tropical plants like palm trees , ferns and ’delicious monsters’ in beds or in terracotta pots.

If you don’t have a pool you could build a pond or water feature and surround it with beautiful greenery to create a tranquil space. The soothing sound of the water will remind of lapping waves or a trickling stream.

If your space has natural beauty, be sure to maximise this through clever positioning of furniture, shutters and blinds. Light up your garden at night with rustic outdoor lighting; free standing oil torches to light up a pathway and hanging lanterns to create soft romantic spaces.

Seating inspiration as seen at the Dolarog beach resort, El Nido, Palawan

Image credit: Sehmaschine

For further design inspiration read how AMERICAN shutters enhanced the natural beauty of Eden Island in the Seychelles.

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