Bedroom meet bathtub

In one of our recent ‘Yay or Nay’ posts on our Facebook page, we asked our fans to give their opinion on having a bathtub in the bedroom. Although the scale tipped in favour of ‘Yay’ there were some reservations…

bath in bedroom survey
This trend might seem like one that started in high-end hotels and boutique B&Bs, but it dates make to the Middle Ages when having a bathtub of any kind was the ultimate luxury and a statement of wealth and standing. In this era running cold and hot water was extremely rare and found almost exclusively in castles so most of these bathtubs were filled by hand (servants hands of course).

This occurrence has certainly been revived but for different reasons, although arguably still a statement of wealth and standing because frankly most moderate homes do not have the luxury of the required space to accommodate a bathtub in their bedroom and it without doubt is only suited to a home with more than one bathroom.

Although images of enjoying quiet time in a bedroom bathtub filled with bubbles, sweet aromas and perhaps the company of a lover is no doubt romantic, whimsical and indulgent, but is it practical? Some of the concerns that were raised on our Facebook page included issues of condensation and damp and privacy.

This set-up is more suited to a bedroom with flooring that can withstand regular wetting, either a designated area that breaks the carpeting of the bedroom with a specific tiled or concrete surface or wooden floors throughout that are taken particular care of. An extractor fan and good natural light and ventilation will help to prevent the bedroom getting damp.

Privacy is an issue and if you are the shy kind and will need to lock your partner out of your shared bedroom while you are soaking, perhaps it will cause more stress than relief. If you have the space the answer may be more practical than you think, creating a flexible divide between the bathing area and the bedroom gives you the best of both worlds. Shutters or blinds can be opened to create the open-plan bedroom bathroom feel you want or closed to give privacy and contain the steam and damp. There are shutters specifically designed for bathrooms; that withstand moisture and heat, and that have the class and style of solid wood products typically used in living areas.


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