Five ways to create an inviting guestroom

Whether you’re expecting family guests or starting a bed and breakfast, here are a five easy ways to transform a spare room or flat into luxurious guest accommodation…

1. Pick a neutral, serene colour palette. It creates a calming effect and a limited colour scheme makes a small space feel larger.

2. Ensure your guests sleep well by investing in quality bed linen and AMERICAN shutters or blinds. Our shutters and blinds have the tightest louvre closure which allows your guests to sleep-in without being disturbed by the bright morning sun.

3. Maximise storage space, ensure there are hangers in the cupboards and clear the dressing table top and bedside pedestals so guests have somewhere to unpack their things. For ideas to help maximise space, read our blog post ‘Small house… big ideas.’

4. One of the quickest ways to add vibrant, welcoming colour to any room is with a vase of fresh flowers or a gorgeous green houseplant.

5. Provide your guest with soft bath towels and basic toiletries. You could even create a ‘spa hamper’ for an extra special personal touch.

Setting up a guest room isn’t about displaying the latest in home décor as much as it’s about reflecting the hospitality of the host, because as the Greek poet Homer once said, “A guest never forgets the host who had treated him kindly.”

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