Boudoir bedroom

A boudoir was once the term given to ladies’ private suite of rooms for bathing and dressing. Today the term boudoir describes Renaissance and French inspired bedrooms and even the white-washed modern ‘country cottage’ style bedroom.

No matter what the size of your room, your boudoir should be a peaceful place to escape to.

Create a feeling of calm and airiness in your bedroom by installing pale neutral floors and painting the walls in a matching shade. You could make a small room appear larger by keeping shutters, blinds and furniture neutral, using accessories to add dashes of colour. Maximize the benefit of a calm neutral room by making sure it’s clutter free; it’s an instant room face lift.

Mirrors have the ability to open up a space, create a feeling of depth in a small room and allows more light in. Position mirrors opposite light sources to increase the impact of natural light in the day and artificial light at night.

Changing the lighting in a room can make a big difference. Ask your local hardware to show you a range of coloured lighting options; you’ll be surprised at the number of shaded light bulbs available, even in energy-saving compact florescent bulbs. Opt for warm shades that offer a flattering and calming lighting effect, perfect for bedrooms.

Boudoir bedroom shutters

Protect your privacy and control light exposure with matching shutters and blinds. AMERICAN shutters’ range of shutters are manufactured from quarter sawn wood which resists warping and ensures tight closure to eliminate as much light as possible. It’s a small detail that makes all the difference to the quality of a good weekend morning lay-in.

Once you have the basics right, personalise your room with art and treasured objects that add interest, reflects your personal style and inspires relaxation. Follow these steps and soon you’ll have boudoir you’ll love spending time in!

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