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Often during school holidays the back of bedroom doors become basketball targets, desks become art studios, passages become race tracks and your dining table, a fort. Creating a home that is school holiday friendly, especially as the weather cools and forces the boys and girls indoors, is key to you enjoying quality time with your children and their friends.

As we ready ourselves for the first term school holiday and the upcoming Easter weekend, we thought it well-timed to share our tips on how to create a child-friendly home in terms of decorating and interior design; important to note if you are planning a family or have young children and are buying or building a new home.


Sticky fingerprints, muddy feet and spilt glasses of juice are the sworn enemies of expensive upholstered furniture, opt for slipcovers, or washable throws to keep your pieces looking clean. Darker colours wear better than lighter colours but white slipcovers can be bleached. When it comes to the right choice of fabric here are a few notes* to keep in mind:

  • Polyester, although environmentally unfriendly is stain-resistant and hardwearing.
  • Linen is mostly organic but stains easily and loses its shape over time.
  • Cotton or cotton twill is an ideal fabric for busy families; it is hardwearing and stain-resistant, but cotton crops are often treated with pesticide so check if it is organic.
  • Wool is stain-resistant, fire-resistant and eco-friendly, but can be hot and uncomfortable.

Before you consider Scotch Guard’ing your fabrics read up on its chemistry and perhaps look at natural alternatives.


1. White slipcovers can be washed and bleached


Look for hardwearing practical pieces made from robust material such as hardwood tables and chairs , wicker, leather etc. But ensure that you minimise sharp edges and breakable materials such as glass. Upholstered ottomans make great coffee tables and poofs are ideal extra seating options, and both are safe for kids on the move.


2. Child-friendly furniture prevents unfortunate accidents



Almost every family home has a potential Picasso, paint your walls with a durable paint that is easy to wipe down with a damp sponge; egg-shell, satin or semi-gloss are ideal paint finishes. Create a blackboard wall to allow a space for your kids to let their creativity go wild, again and again. Avoid expensive wallpapers and rather choose painted murals or removable self-adhesives for kids bedrooms and play areas.


3. Get creative with wall coverings in children’s bedrooms and play areas



Long curtains are a Tarzan experiment waiting to happen, and a hide and seek haven, they also serve as great napkins for chocolate-coated fingers and raspberry stained mouths! Rather choose practical, easy-to-clean and sturdy wooden blinds or shutters.

1. Shutters are practical and easy-to-clean

4. Shutters are practical and easy-to-clean

AMERICAN shutters’ Decowood shutter range is ideal for the child-friendly home. Here is a list of reasons why they should be in every bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living area of your home:

  • Eco-friendly,
  • Durable and robust,
  • Easy to clean and maintain,
  • Resistant to beetle / wood borer,
  • Stain-, peel-, crack- and chip resistant.
  • Available in:
    • Custom shapes such as triangle, domed and hexagon,
    • 3 louvre sizes – 63, 89 and 114mm,
    • 3 tilt rod options – traditional, off-set and secret tilt,
    • With a variety of frame choices,
    • With a 3 year overall warranty on the product.
    • A standard palette of 5 soft neutral shades in a polypropylene finish


Accidents happen and you can be assured of a spilt glass of milk, jam sandwich crumbs or even-worse paint or crushed crayon landing on your floors during busy school holidays. Choose washable floors such as tiles, laminate, wood or vinyl and add area rugs for warmth and comfort.

If you prefer carpet, then set strict rules regarding play areas and install carpet tiles in these areas as they can easily and relatively cheaply be replaced if necessary.


5. Carpet tiles can easily be removed and replaced


Here are our 5 golden rules for school holiday fun at home:

  1. Teach your children to respect their home
  2. Keep valuables out of reach
  3. Give kids the space they need to play and have fun
  4. Have practical easy storage solutions for games and toys
  5. Join in! Spend time with your kids; it’s good for them and you!
6. Spend quality time with your kids

6. Spend quality time with your kids


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