Baby it’s cold outside

Just as Johnny Mercer, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and Michael Buble have all seductively crooned their invitation to stay indoors in wintery weather, so too does a home that is dressed for the season; sensible yet stylish, comfortable yet charming and as chivalrous as the era of the original tune itself; hard to refuse. Because, ‘Baby it’s cold outside.”

Just because the cold weather has drawn the curtain on sunny skies why should we shut out the unique natural winter beauty from our homes? Windows and doors are responsible for most of a house’s heat loss so it is vital to the thermal insulation of a home that they be finished with good quality window treatments that can keep the cold out and the warmth in.

“Fabric window treatments, although the most traditional are most dependent on changing interior design trends and fashions,” says Karina Palmer, interior designer and marketing manager of AMERICAN shutters. “Top quality curtaining is a substantial expense and considering that it may need to be replaced over the years due to wear and tear, fading and changes in interior design, it can work out very expensive.”

Thankfully there are many attractive window treatments other than curtains. Wooden shutters and blinds are not only of the most stylish window treatments available they are also great thermal insulators. When opened, shutters and blinds capture as much of the winter sunshine during the day and when closed they work to keep that warmth locked inside.

“Available in a selection of timber and finishes, our shutters can be customised to the unique needs of any home, from styles and louvre size to unique shapes and frames to colours and special features,” says Karina. “Suitable to all interior design styles, quality shutters and blinds are a lifetime investment and opposed to fabric alternatives, they are considered fixtures and add value to the property.”

One of the most compelling features of shutters and blinds is how easily they can be integrated in a room with other window treatments. “Our wooden blinds have a unique wider shutter-like 63mm slat, and when used with shutters in a matching finish the results are stylish and natural.”

shutters&blindsSeamless style with wooden shutters and blinds.

In addition to AMERICAN shutters’ extensive range of wooden shutters and blinds, we offer a wide range of honeycomb blinds often referred to as honeycomb blinds. These blinds trap air in the pleated compartments of two or more layers of material. This air then serves as a buffer preventing heat loss. “Our no-compromise commitment to offering our clients the highest level of customisation and choice is consistent across all our products. Our honeycomb blinds come in a myriad colours and styles; from cord to cordless, single to double layer, translucent to block-out,” says Karina.

cellular shades

honeycomb blinds keep this riverside holiday home comfortable in winter and summer.

Comfortable in mixed company, honeycomb blinds complement wooden shutters and blinds seamlessly. Ideal for use in bedrooms their excellent thermal insulation ensures a comfortable night’s sleep.

cellular shades and shutters

honeycomb blinds, shutters and insect screens protect this bedroom from the cold and the nasty bugs.

Ensure that your home is both stylish and warm this winter because just as Margaret Whiting, Doris Day, Ella Fitzgerald and Jennifer Hudson all succumbed to the gentlemanly invitation in lyric, so will your friends and family find it hard to say no to a ‘welcome … so nice and warm’.

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