Dream bedrooms for teenage girls

From tearful spats with friends, high school crushes and mounds of homework to get through, being a teenage girl is hard. Ease your daughter’s hard days and little heart aches by giving her a bedroom where she can find solace.

Perfect palette

Start by asking your daughter what her two favourite colours are and pick a timeless neutral base colour, like white or cream, to complement these colours. This will allow you and your daughter to update the colour scheme without having to do costly overhauls whenever fashion dictates. Take her with you to shop for the perfect palette – it’s a great way to ensure your daughter loves her bedroom makeover and an opportunity to get to know the young woman she is becoming.

An inspired space

Paint one wall in a chosen favourite colour to create a feature wall where she can display her artworks, photos and inspirational images. If you don’t want a wall plastered in tatty posters of the hunk of the hour, give her a large pin board. She’ll have fun decorating it and you’ll get a glimpse into her social life when she tacks up photos.

Perks of privacy

Privacy is of utmost importance to teenagers (as you would know this if you ever walked in your teenager’s bedroom without knocking). We recommend installing privacy premium custom-fit blinds. With their slot free louvres and tight louvre closure, they ensure complete privacy when closed and exceptional light block out… because we know how teens like to sleep late over weekends!

All dressed up

Dressing up has taken on a whole new meaning now that your little girl is a teenager. Getting ready to go out can take most teenage girls over an hour and about five outfit changes. It goes without saying that they appreciate a full length and the good news is that large mirrors also make rooms appear bigger and lighter. Instead of installing a mirror on the inside door of a wardrobe, dress up the walls with a large statement mirror. Consider mirrors with ornate frames or a classic bevelled edge to create visual interest and complement the decor. Alternatively, mount three long mirrors in a row for a stylish look that works three times as hard to make a space look larger.

Social seating

Friendships are central to most teenagers’ lives so create a social space in your daughter’s bedroom. A couch, decorated with a colourful throw and cushions, is a super option if space allows. If your daughter’s bedroom is small, two or three single ottomans would be perfect for girly gossip sessions and could be neatly tucked away under a desk or coffee table.

Study session

We’ve covered a lot of fun décor ideas and while everyone wants their kids to have fun, all fun and no work is not the pathway to success. Make sure your daughter is on the right track by giving her a space to study. If there isn’t room for a free-standing bookcase, climb the walls with floating shelves so your daughter has a place to stack her school books. A customised built-in corner desk could help save space and create a separate dedicated study area within the room.

The teen years are hard – on kids and parents! Giving your teenage daughter’s bedroom a makeover encompasses more than top quality blinds and great shades of colour, it’s about making sure your daughter feels comfortable at home… and that’s priceless!


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Image credits: Shutterstock & Stylisheve.com

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