Fashion you can hang your interior style on

If your wardrobe favours comfortable casual class to sleek sophisticated style can the same be said about your interior style? If you never leave home without having every hair in place, your makeup fresh and your clothes runway-ready, would the same fastidious attention to detail apply to your home?

We believe that personal fashion style and lifestyle give clues to what kind of interior style we would feel most at home in.

A personal eclectic style of mixed colours, vintage pieces and unique accessories suggests a free spirit that is more concerned with individuality than trend and it is safe to say such a person would feel uncomfortable in a minimalist modern home of predominantly black and white.

Someone with gospel-like devotion to the Fashion Channel and fashion magazines, whose prized possessions are their sophisticated ‘little black dress’ and their designer tailored suit, would certainly feel out of place in a shabby chic comfort-centric  home. Their fashion style suggests they would feel more at home in a contemporary designer pad off the pages of their favourite fashion mag.

We put our theory to the test on our Facebook page. During the month of July we posted pictures of women with unique personal styles and asked which option of interior style they were best suited to. The results were interesting.

fashion and decor

Results: A – 30% B – 70%

fashionable decor

Results: A – 55% B – 45%

fashion meets interior design

Results: A – 65% B – 35%

We use this same theory to suggest which window finishes would best suit the chosen interior style of each lady.

Understated elegance

white shutters in livingroom

Decowood shutters have just the right balance between the contemporary and classic style she likes. They are locally manufactured, cost effective and eco-friendly. Available in a palette of six standard shades of white and 23 painted finishes, they are ideal to set off her unique interior style.

Find out more about Decowood shutters here.

In her element

white blinds in bedroom

Wooden slat blinds are ideal for her natural easy lifestyle. With a wider 63mm slat, they are easily opened to let in all the sunlight and sea breeze she loves. Made from the wood of the fastest growing tree, Kiri, they are eco-friendly and durable.

Get more information on our Wooden slat blinds.

Natural choice

wooden shutters in kitchenThe natural warm colour and extraordinary wood grain of our Normandy shutters will fit perfectly into her rustic interior style. Made from Kiri wood, these shutters have a unique silky smooth knot-free finish and appearance. They can be completely customised into shapes such as triangles and domes.

Visit Normandy shutters page for more info on this range.

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