Your home security should not compromise the style of your interior and exterior design.

AMERICAN shutters®’ Security Shutters offer have so much to offer:

Privacy, light and ventilation control

Take full control by opening or closing the adjustable shutter louvres and to a greater degree, opening the shutters themselves; folding or sliding away for uninterrupted views and open flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Architectural style

Shutters add value and timeless style to complement any architectural or interior design theme; custom made and finished in a choice of three standard finishes or a custom colour, our Security Shutters are made from architectural grade aluminium and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.


A formidable visible security barrier when installed outdoors, these shutters are durable and robust, able to withstand harsh conditions. If installed indoors, in the event of an attempted break-in, the perpetrator would have to first break the glass before being presented with the challenge of breaking through the shutters themselves. AMERICAN shutters has never, in all its 25 years, been called out to repair a shutter due to an attempted break-in, proving that shutters are an effective burglar deterrent.

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Security Shutters – Break In Test from Videos by AMERICAN shutters ® on Vimeo.

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