Homes well lived-in and loved need Decowood Shutters.

Busy bathrooms, steamy kitchens, open windows and doors, well-worn furniture and traffic-trodden floors, these are the telltale signs of a home well lived-in and loved. These are also the realities that need considering when choosing furnishings and fittings.

A growing family with climbing tots, mischievous young’ens and self-obsessed teens; a pet-friendly environment with chewing pups and windowsill sitting kittens; and an open invitation home for friends and family are only some of the everyday-realities that result in durable value often outscoring bankable value. Persian rugs, original artwork, crystal, glass and dry-clean only fabrics are red flags for such a home.

Windows and doors work hard, allowing entry to and from the heart of such a happy home, a home that pulses with the energy of a family enjoying life and being together. However, the home that ranks comfort above couture needs not to compromise on style when it comes to window and door finishes. AMERICAN shutters’ Decowood Shutters Range is the hardwearing, easy to use, easy to clean, steam-resistant and sun resistant solution to the home that is as proud of how it looks as it is of how it feels.

One of our most popular and cost-effective ranges, Decowood Shutters are manufactured locally from medium density fibreboard, commonly referred to as Superwood. The Superwood used in the manufacture of Decowood shutters is made from engineered wood composite (individual wood fibres) sourced from sustainable plantations.

“Our Decowood Shutters are our most hardworking and hardwearing. They resist chipping, peeling and cracking because of their polypropylene coating and their special UV inhibitor treatment protects them from the harsh African sun,” says Stephen Palmer, managing director of AMERICAN shutters.

Suitable and safe for all homes, they have been verified as environmentally safe, releasing no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) into the air; meeting and exceeding the most stringent international standards.

“They are also our most eco-friendly shutters. Although most AMERICAN shutters’ wooden shutter range products are manufactured from raw material sourced from sustainable plantations, what makes our Decowood range so eco-friendly is the fact that the wood composite production involves very little waste with up to 95% of a tree utilised opposed to the only 68% utilised to manufacture solid wood products.”

Decowood Shutters are available in 63, 89 or 114 mm louvre sizes, have three tilt rod options: traditional, off-set or secret tilt and offer a variety of frame choices to suit all interior styles. They are easy to clean, maintain and with our three-year warranty they are a home, and all who live and love within it’s, best friend.

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