A new angle on shutters

Sloped ceilings and large slanted windows make this modern South African home unmistakable. When it came to choosing window dressings to complement the unique architecture, the home-owners opted for elegant AMERICAN shutters®.

Every home has a feature or two and in this home, large slanted windows steal the show! Designed to maximize light, many of the windows stretch from the floor to the ceiling and effectively create a grand sense of space.

“This angled home made for an interesting installation,” says Karina Palmer, marketing director of AMERICAN shutters, “our challenge was to complement the modern clean lines of this home, maximise the view and natural light while increasing privacy.”

On the large slanted windows and doors we customised the perfect fit with eco-friendly Decowood shutters to enhance the unique architectural design of the house. Decowood shutters are manufactured from medium density fibreboard, they have reinforced rabbet stiles and are coated with an extremely durable polypropylene finish which makes them stain-, peel-, crack- and chip resistant. Shutters maximise light and air ventilation when the louvres are open and by offsetting the tilt rod, we ensured an undisturbed view out while homeowners are able to enjoy privacy indoors.

If you’re wondering how to make the most of unusual shaped windows or doorways in your home, contact our team – we’re always up for a design challenge!


For more information about customised shutters and blinds, contact us for a consultation on 0860 748 8837 or email info@americanshutters.co.za.

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