Both are waterproof and coated with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) a highly resilient waterproof thermoplastic coating. But when it comes to your bathroom, we’re sure you’d agree that installing Woodbury Waterproof shutters looks far more stylish than a canoe balanced across a bath. You laugh, but you’ll be surprised at what we’ve seen!

You’ll also be surprised when you see Woodbury Waterproof shutters because although they have a waterproof thermoplastic coating they still look and feel like wood and are also in fact the most advanced waterproof shutters on the market!

Manufactured with a hardwood core, Woodbury Waterproof shutters are stronger, lighter and more durable than high impacted PVC shutters. The solid timber core provides strength ensuring these shutters don’t sag over time and have that solid feel when closing, unlike synthetic shutters manufactured with a hollow core.

Ideal for inside bathrooms or even within a shower space, Woodbury Waterproof shutters are the perfect choice for moist or wet interior areas.

Adjust the louvres to let the light in and guard privacy without worrying about the wear and tear, the internal adjustment bar running through the centre louvre for tension adjustment ensures that the louvres will never loosen up. Furthermore our Waterproof shutters have strong mortise and tenon joints to withstand the stress of frequently opening and closing shutters.

Woodbury Waterproof shutters will not warp, peel, spilt or fade. And because we’re confident of the quality of this product, we have given it a three year overall warranty!

Woodbury Waterproof shutters

Available in six soft natural shades, four louvre sizes (47mm, 63mm, 89mm and 114mm), three tilt rod options, customisable to fit various window frames, even unusual shapes, Woodbury Waterproof shutters may just be the best thing since the canoe!

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