Spring into colour

This year’s spring colour palette is a fantastic mix of neutrals and brights; the Pantone Fashion Colour Report Spring 2013 includes a range of 10 colours ranging from nude Linen to vibrant Poppy Red and moody Monaco Blue. In this article we explore how to integrate them (a little or a lot) into your home décor this season.

Feeling blue

This season’s serene Dusky Blue and moody Monaco Blue create a calm, cool, refreshing décor palette. Anchored by neutral Linen, this combination takes inspiration from sky- and seascapes, tempting us slowly out of the doldrums of winter and setting us on course for summer.
A popular colour in all seasons and across all trends, blue is found in many homes. If you are committed to this colour, consider making a confident statement and have your shutters custom finished in the blue of your choice.

AMERICAN Decowood shutters are both cost effective and eco-friendly and can be custom finished in style, shape and colour. With as many as 23 painted finishes to choose from, there will definitely be a colour to suit your interior design style.
blue shutters

Image credit: http://bit.ly/15OFxEJ

If you prefer to keep your permanent features a neutral colour, then pay respect to the changing of the seasons by adding accessories in Monaco or Dusk Blue; cushions, artwork, accessories such as vases and candles or a painted feature wall will invite the spring into your home in a subtle, versatile way.

Decowood shutters are available in a palette of six standard shades of white. Durable and easy to keep clean, they are ideal for any room in the home.

patio shutters blue decor
Decowood shutters in Silk White

Green light

Rich, luxurious green jewel tones will add a fresh energy to your home this spring.  With the colour of 2013, Emerald, leading the way, the trending greens this season take green living to a new level. Revitalise your home with the natural lively and uplifting energy of green in any of these various shades; Tender Shoot does just what its name suggests, brings the youthful energy of nature indoors and Grayed Jade provides a colourful alternative to more subdued neutrals.

Not only customisable to your colour of choice, AMERICAN shutters are able to manufacture shutters in unusual shapes such as triangles, arches and domes. With green living a way of life for now and the future, why not make the boldest statement possible and colour your life and shutters green.

green shutters
Image credit: http://bit.ly/1eA2qgb

By introducing the colours of nature into your indoor spaces, the indoor-outdoor flow of your home will be optimised and the warmth and beauty of spring will be welcomed inside. Mix colour and texture to make sure your home has as many interesting layers, colours and senses as its surrounds.

lounge shutters
Decowood shutters

Red alert

Whether it’s the beauty of a sunrise or sunset that you want to adorn your home this spring, this seasons trending Poppy Red, Nectarine and Lemon Zest perfectly complemented by Linen, provide the perfect palette. Vibrant, warm, happy and welcoming, this colour scheme is perfect for any space that is designed for cosy comfort.

AMERICAN shutters’  honeycomb blinds are available in a selection of colours. Although their soft texture and light weight is ideal for a spring home, don’t let their appearance fool you, they are of the best insulators available, moderating your indoor temperature whether its to keep the hangover of winter at bay or shelter you from the intensity of early summer heat.

honeycomb blinds

Image credit: http://bit.ly/1anfHpE

If this palette is just a tad too intense for your taste, choose one or two accessories in your choice of Poppy Red, Nectarine or Lemon Zest that will remind you of the changing seasons.

red honeycomb blinds

Whatever way you choose to go; the blues of sea and sky, the greens of grass and leaf or the reds and oranges of sunrise and sunset, just spring into colour!

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