Take it outside

The fight to live greener lives, conscious of our impact on the environment and committed to finding ways to live lightly and kindly with our natural surroundings and the fight to live healthier lives that include a healthy diet of organic produce are demanding certain lifestyle changes; changes that suggest we take the fight outside.

The potager; the French term for a kitchen garden finds its roots (excuse the pun) in the French Renaissance and Baroque eras. A garden dedicated to the growth of produce for the kitchen, the kitchen garden primarily includes herbs, vegetables and fruit, although the planting of ornamental flowers for the purpose of beautification was and remains common.

potager kitchen garden

Image credit: http://bit.ly/12zIzHA

Investing in your own potager not only reaps the rewards of freshly grown produce for your kitchen and the ‘greenification’ of your home, but the rewards of a changed lifestyle. A lifestyle in which your hands get dirty, your lungs filled with fresh air, your skin sun-kissed and your mind freed from daily stress. A lifestyle that you will find difficult to close the door on when the sun goes down or when indoor duties call.

We are blessed with great weather in South Africa and designing homes that have seamless indoor-outdoor flow has long been the ideal for most home owners, although mostly pertaining to the living and entertaining areas of our homes. The kitchen ‘back door’ is normally the working entrance and exit of our homes, but the potager can change all that.

By creating a natural transition between your kitchen and a kitchen garden your home will be inspired with fresh aromas and flavours and the kitchen will be elevated to its rightful place at the heart of the home.

Shutters are perfect for this application, they fold or slide away easily maximising the opening for a quick step outside to pick basil, rocket or sage or to cut fresh flowers to set the table and for the delightful fragrance of lavender and such to breeze in.

Secure and great thermal insulators, they will also keep the kitchen safe and warm.

So take the fight out of the day and come home to your kitchen come kitchen garden and take it outside.

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