Setting a tranquil tone in a home starts with the entrance way. There’s nothing quite like opening the front door onto a beautiful organised space, no matter how big or small.

We found three examples of beautifully balanced entrance ways which suit three different types of homes. Find one that suits your lifestyle and read our accompanying home décor tips to recreate the look in your home.


To create a grand and elegant entrance way, start with a large, glamorous mirror. It will reflect light and serve as a strong focal point. Add a beautiful console table directly under the mirror to ground the space.


1. Elegant  home entrance way

As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” so decorate the console table sparingly with classic pieces. Soften the look by incorporating natural elements like lush indoor plants in hand-woven baskets.


A family home entrance way may feel more like a train station than anything else, with children’s playmates arriving, teenagers waiting for lifts and school bags being dumped at the door. To calm the frantic pace in a home, create an organised entrance way to best serve you and your family.


2. Family home entrance way

A built-in bench is the perfect place for anyone to catch their breath while jacket hooks on the wall and baskets under the bench provide neat storage space.


If your first apartment or house is short on space and lacks a formal entrance way, create a stylish ‘landing pad’ by installing a shelf. Display framed artworks and photographs on the shelf for eye-catching detail that won’t take up valuable floor space, and add practical hooks under the shelf for jackets, bags, keys and hats.


3. Stylish home landing pad

Whether you have a large house or a small bachelor pad, at the end of a long day it’s a welcome reprieve to go home to a space where you’re proud to hang your hat!


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