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They are shutters manufactured from timber or aluminium. Each shutter panel includes banks of adjustable louvres set within a solid framework comprised of vertical stiles, horizontal top and bottom rails and with centre rails if required for stability.

AMERICAN shutters®, established in 1985 is the pioneer and leading brand of adjustable louvre shutters in South Africa.

Shutters with adjustable louvres are the most versatile window furnishing and unlike shades or blinds, our shutters can be fitted to windows and doors, inside or outside. They are also used to enclose patios, or outside spaces in part or all around.

Our shutters can even be used to fit into special shaped openings like triangles, circles, arches and they can be installed in bay windows. They can also be used as doors for special cupboard fronts, and as room dividers.

They are the only window furnishing that can offer the home or business owner all these benefits:

  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Light control
  • Natural airflow
  • Insulation
  • Security

All whilst maintaining your privacy and views.

Developers and homeowners have re-iterated to us, that the inclusion of our ranges of shutters: Decowood shutters, Normandy shutters, White Teak shutters or our Security Shutters increase the value and desirability of their properties.


Shutters are custom-made to the dimensions of specific openings, they are therefore considered to be permanent fixtures and consequently increase the value of a property. The value is further increased by the benefits that our ranges, like for example Decowood shutters offer.

They look good, have a longer lifespan than other window and door coverings and their thermal ability enhances quality of life, improving heat loss by up to 47%. This reduces a home’s requirements for air conditioning or heating which in turn reduces power usage resulting in lower power bills.

They also provide privacy, natural airflow and light control and our range of Security Shutters offer the benefit of added security – What other window furnishing can offer all this yet still retain your view?


No, shutters are installed to stay permanently in place as they are custom-made specifically to fit the dimensions of your individual openings.

AMERICAN shutters® can speak from the authority of manufacturing our shutters for over thirty years for South African properties. Shutters installed 30 years ago by AMERICAN shutters® are still looking good and functioning 100%.

  • Experience – for over 30 years we’ve been designing and making shutters for South African requirements.
  • Design detail – our team of well-trained and experienced consultants give excellent advice to ensure the most precise and attractive installation design.
  • Custom made – custom designed to ensure a professional fit to your unique needs.
  • Extra choice – flexibility, we offer a bigger range of interior and exterior shutters.
  • Extra care – fine-tuned proprietary construction techniques by master craftsmen.
  • Strength – mortice and tenon joints.
  • Manufacturing – leading edge technology for consistency and accuracy.
  • Warping – our louvers are manufactured from quarter sawn wood to ensure stability against twisting and warping.
  • Aesthetics – panels designed to classic proportions, with a choice of tilt rod options and louvre sizes.
  • Added features – our shutter panels have rabbet stiles (an overlap between panels) to improve security, light block and privacy.
  • Gear tilt – unique gear system hidden within the vertical stiles for contemporary looking shutters with cleaner lines
  • Extra health benefit – paint is free of VOC compounds.
  • Delivery – Express order service available.
  • Continuity – Same high standard of product available nationwide.
  • R&D – reassurance your shutters are suitable for South Africa’s varied climatic conditions.
  • Reliability – Excellent after sales service.

Our products are custom-priced and bespoke. We do not price per square metre as there are numerous factors which need to be considered, including product range number of panels per opening, choice of frame ironmongery, special shapes and type of installation.

Shutters don’t offer total block out; the amount of block out depends on the type of installation. If hinged within a frame the shutters will offer virtually full block-out. If operating on a track system, there will be a slight glow along the top where the shutters meet the track and along the bottom where the shutters meet the floor channel. An added feature of our shutters is our rabbet (overlap) stile that offers excellent privacy and blocks out light between the hinged panels.

Custom-made means that each shutter is to the unique dimension of your window or door.

Bespoke means that shutters can be manufactured to fit unusually shaped windows and doors and can be finished in a custom colour of your own choice.

AMERICAN shutters’® timber is sourced from sustainable forests and each of our 3 timber ranges is manufactured from a different material.

  • Our most popular range of Decowood shutters is manufactured from engineered wood (bonded individual wood fibres) and is one of the eco-friendliest materials available.
  • Our Normandy range is manufactured from the hardwood of the Kiri tree one of the most sustainable and fastest growing tree species.
  • Our White Teak range is manufactured from responsibly harvested timber sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) timber plantations.

We offer 3 standard louvre sizes 63mm, 89mm and 114mm, some people believe a slimmer louvre gives a more traditional décor look, it all depends on the style you prefer. Keep in mind that shutters with a wider louvre enable a better view through the louvres. Our standard louvre size for our Security Shutters range is 89mm.

Plastic shutters are affected by sun damage and tend to sag and come apart at the joints over time. Timber shutters are stronger, have better longevity and a better look and feel.

The louvres rotate180 degrees within the framework and will hold at any angle within the 180-degree arc.

AMERICAN shutters’® aluminium Security Shutters are a precision engineered security barrier with the beauty of traditional shutters. They are custom-made and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Security Shutters are often installed on the inside of the opening for ease of louvre adjustment and accessibility to the locking mechanisms. Aluminium is proven as an exterior building material and it can be powder coated in a variety of colours.

Aluminum shutters are used when the shutters need to withstand the weather: enclosing balconies, privacy for outdoor areas or to offer shading on the exterior of windows.

One shutter is called a panel. The parts of a panel are the same no matter what material is used. Each panel has a frame made up of vertical stiles and horizontal rails and within the frame are the louvres. AMERICAN shutters’® frames and blades are made from solid timber, or engineered timber or aluminium.

What are the parts of an AMERICAN shutters ®

Your shutters can be installed to fold or slide on a track system or they can be installed hinged from a framework within the opening. Our experienced consultants give comprehensive guidance on the best configuration to suit your openings.

See them in action on our shutter configuration page.

  • Tilt Rod – a method of connecting blades so they can be operated together.
  • Louvres – slats within the shutter frame, our louvres are aerofoil shaped and gently curved at front and back like a plane wing.
  • Stiles – the vertical timbers of the shutter frame that house the louvres.
  • Rails – horizontal members of a shutter frame.
  • Panel – one shutter including stiles, rails and louvres.
  • Reveal – the distance the window is set in from the front face of the wall.
  • Opening – the window, door or area to be fitted with shutters.
  • Hinged installation – pairs of panels hinged together and then hinged to the framework within an opening.
  • Bi-Fold Installation – panels hinged together, folding usually in pairs and supported within a track system.
  • Sliding Installation – panels straight sliding and supported within a track system.
  • Custom colour – a specially mixed colour of your choice not contained in the AMERICAN shutters’® standard colour range.
  • Clear finish – timber is coated in a clear finish to reveal the grain.
  • Stained – timber is artificially coloured and coated in clear finish to reveal the grain.
  • Interior shutter – shutters suitable for installation inside a building.
  • Exterior shutter – shutters suitable for installation outside that can be exposed to weather.
  • Special shapes – shutters made to fit in arches, circles and triangles or any shape that is not a rectangle or square.

You can either email us here at AMERICAN shutters® to request an appointment with one of our consultants, or call us on 087 238 2123 to speak to one of our consultants.

It is best to inform your architect or designer as soon as possible of your intention to use shutters.

Early involvement by AMERICAN shutters® with your design team will assist in achieving a seamless shutter installation and will allow for our shutters to be included in your budget upfront.

Shutters with tilt rods are adjusted by moving the tilt rod up or down to achieve the desired angle of the attached louvres. Shutters that have no tilt rod have a gear system hidden in the stiles of the shutter framework so that the louvres move collectively.

These louvres are adjusted by tilting any one of the louvres to achieve the desired angle of all the louvres within a bank.

AMERICAN shutters ranges are available with and without tilt rods, excluding the Security Shutters range which is only available without tilt rods. Shutters without tilt rods have cleaner lines and allow for uninterrupted views through the louvres.

Shutters enhance the view because they frame the view and lead the eye outwards beyond the straight lines of the Shutters. The wider the louvres the better the view due to bigger gaps between the louvres.

The maintenance of shutters is dependent on the intensity of exposure. Shutters should be kept clean and free of deposits from salt laden air. Interior timber shutters should not be directly exposed to water and are best maintained by wiping them down with wood renovating products from time to time. Our aluminium Security Shutters and Decowood ranges require no maintenance other than keeping them clean.

AMERICAN shutters® stand by their products and guarantees, and will repair or replace any faulty products. We have dedicated servicing teams and we can also refurbish your shutters.

On completion of every installation we provide a set of operating and cleaning instructions. Shutters are easy to keep clean using a feather duster and a damp cloth for any sticky marks.

Depending on the range ordered, the period from the time that manufacture measurements are taken to the installation date can vary from 2 to 8 weeks.

Yes, one need only provide a colour sample for matching purposes. Our shutters are available in any custom mixed paint or stain colour of your choice.

AMERICAN shutters’® range can be viewed at our Cape Town head office, or our Johannesburg branch office and at all our distributors, nationwide. To view full list of showrooms and their Google maps please click here.

Yes, one can opt to have bolts fitted on a bi-folding system or sash locks to a hinging system. Our aluminium Security Shutters come with various bolt and key locks for maximum security.

No, we use premium timber which is hand selected and dried using a specialised Prescription Wood Conditioning technique. This technique emulates the environmental conditions of the location where the shutters will be installed which reduces pre installation shrinking and swelling. Our shutters have reinforced engineered stiles with multiple layers of wood bonded together to achieve maximum stability in the core of the stile and ensure a robust and durable shutter. Our louvers are manufactured from quarter sawn wood to ensure stability against twisting and warping.

Our warranty on our shutters is between 3 to 5 years depending on the range selected, please request our warranty schedule for the full details.

Borer beetle attack has become more prevalent in areas that were previously free of infestation and certain timbers commonly used in the manufacture of shutters are more prone to beetle attack. All timbers used by AMERICAN shutters are resistant to borer attack.
Our shutters can be manufactured in a wide range of specialised shapes all with functioning louvres. You can have shutters made for arched windows and doors or for irregular shapes like circles and triangles.
Yes, for a more stylish and complete look we can combine blinds and shutters whilst at the same time retaining a perfect colour and finish match. This can also be a more economical option because our wider 63.5mm blind slat still has that ‘shutter look’ but is more cost effective than shutters.
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