Andrew’s magnificent seven

Many things come in groups of seven; the days of the week, the number of Harry Potter novels, the colours of a rainbow, the chakras, the notes in a musical scale, the deadly sins, and heavenly virtues. Considered by some to be a lucky number, we talk to AMERICAN shutters’® executive sales consultant, Andrew Woodbridge about his ‘magnificent seven’.


Andrew is one of AMERICAN shutters’ longest serving staff members. He has worked for AMERICAN shutters for seven years in total, and has seen a lot of growth and change in the business. “I believe it is both consistency and flexibility that has contributed to AMERICAN shutters’ 30 plus years of success in the industry,” says Andrew. “Consistency of management, and flexibility to listen to the market, innovate and pioneer new products and product features.”


Andrew advises his clients through a six-step process; from measuring and quoting to product choice and design, to manufacturing and installation. “Each stage is unique yet fully integrated in the overall process,” says Andrew. “Communication is key to ensure a successful outcome, and a happy client.”


“Identifying the trends driving our industry is difficult,” says Andrew. “But I would say the five most prevalent are, design, light control, privacy, security and value; in no particular order.”


Andrew has four children and it is with them that he likes to spend his free time, whether it’s walking, bike-riding, drawing, swimming, or watching movies together, these are his most enjoyable and treasured moments.


When asked to describe his character, Andrew lists these three attributes, technically minded, a good listener and partial to conversation, all of which help him develop a good rapport with clients. “By building a relationship with clients and listening to their needs I am able to offer them the best solution,” says Andrew.


The two things Andrew enjoys most about his current position at AMERICAN shutters are the camaraderie he gets from working as part of a team, and the freedom he has to express his own design opinions when interacting with clients.


“AMERICAN shutters’ aluminium Security Shutters take the cake!” This is Andrew’s response when asked which of AMERICAN shutters’ products is his favourite. “They are a practical and elegant security solution.”

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