Triangles, arches, hexagons, circles … AMERICAN shutter’s ranges can be custom made to fit unusually shaped doors and windows

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AMERICAN shutters manufacture custom made shutters to unique specifications to suit all shapes and styles of windows and openings irrespective of size and shape. From arched, to triangular, to sloped shaped openings, AMERICAN shutters offer a wide range of styles, designs and finishes to complement the architecture of the opening.

All our shutters and blinds are made to measure, from top-quality materials and designed with style and simplicity, for a perfect fit every time, and our appreciation for efficient and uncomplicated products with contemporary, clean lines that do not interrupt, but rather enhance the style of a room is at the heart of our product development. By-pass, bi-fold or hinged shutters with ‘secret tilt’ louvres i.e. no tilt rod, available in South Africa’s widest range of raw material and finishes, ensure that we are able to offer a bespoke solution to any design brief.

The value of shutters is contradictory in a sense; when opened they are silent understudies to the wonder of architectural elements and natural outdoor beauty, yet when closed their natural and timeless beauty is spotlighted.

Unusually shaped windows or door frames are interior design features in themselves, AMERICAN shutters custom-makes most of our shutter ranges to complement and enhance these features following / mirroring the shape of the arch or angle.

We do not simply shape the shutter frame to fit into the recess of the arch or angle and then step the shutter top rails as some of our competitors do, which results in a jagged stepped appearance that distracts from the soft lines of the arch or angle. Depending on the angle and style of the arch, AMERICAN shutters offers either a true arch or flat edge.

The following shutter ranges can be made to fit and accentuate most unusually shaped architectural openings:

Our made to measure shutters can be purely aesthetic or truly functional, so choose your style, choose your range, and book your AMERICAN Shutters design consultant for a visit.

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