For over 30 years, AMERICAN shutters ® has been the first choice in custom-made timber and aluminium security shutters for the home and office.

Security Shutters


AMERICAN shutters’® range of Security Shutters is the perfect security and privacy solution for interior doors and windows, patios, balconies, and verandas.

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Living Area Shutters


Installing AMERICAN shutters'® interior wooden shutters or aluminium security shutters in the living areas of your home; whether lounge, living room, family room or dining room, adds a style and quality to the spaces we most often share with friends and family. A practical and sensible alternative to fabric curtains and blinds, shutters are considered a permanent fixture and add real financial value to your property as well.

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Bedroom Shutters


AMERICAN shutters' wooden and aluminum security shutters provide privacy, style and function, whether in the master bedroom, a guest bedroom or children's bedrooms, making these very personal spaces the perfect retreat for quiet time, relaxation and rest.

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Kitchen Shutters


Whether for a large window on sliding tracks, or to dress a smaller window, AMERICAN shutters' practical, moisture-resistant kitchen shutters are the perfect addition to any kitchen.

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Bathroom Shutters


Whether a family bathroom, an exclusive en-suite bathroom or indulgent spa, AMERICAN shutters® has the perfect shutter range for this very important practical room in your home.

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Patio Shutters


Add value to your home with the timeless style of AMERICAN shutters' exterior shutters. Our aluminium Security Shutter range will add security and style to your home, whether you are enclosing a patio or creating an extra room. Enjoy having complete light and ventilation control of your space when you install practical, easy-to

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    It’s pretty much an open and shut case here. When closed for privacy, curtains and shades block out most air and light. But when opened to get the air flowing, they don’t offer any privacy or light control. In comparison, the louvres on shutters can be adjusted for whatever privacy you require from the outside world, while still allowing light and airflow through the adjustable louvres, which can be angled either up or down. They’re also:

    • Low maintenance, stylish and easy to clean
    • Easy to measure. Easy to order. Easy to fit
    • Manufactured from only the best-quality materials
    • Ranges to suit every budget
    • Customise everything from tilt rails to louvres
    • Waterproof and Security options available
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    SHUT(TER) the WINDOW! (Practical Functionality)

    More than just decoration, shutters have been gracing the exteriors and interiors of homes for centuries When closed, they provide:

    • Durability – shutters are built to last much longer than any other window covering,
    • Allergy control – interior shutters are easy to clean and are virtually maintenance-free.
    • Act as a security feature and barrier– a first or last line of defense to intruders.
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    Whatever the shape, size, colour, width, or covering, shutters can be cost-effectively custom ordered. In fact, AMERICAN shutters are the true bespoke shutter brand, and can be made in custom shapes shape such as triangles or to fit unusual angled openings, suitable for windows with special features such as:

    • Bay windows
    • Corner windows
    • Box windows
    • Door cut outs
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    Efficient, uncomplicated, contemporary, clean lines that work seamlessly in all décor styles. The absence of the tilt rod provides and uninterrupted view between louvres, maximising the environment in which the secret tilt shutters are installed along with your view.

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    It is simple, you should be looking for a company which has many years of experience, offers a high-quality product at a competitive price and has a proven track record on excellent customer service and reliability. This is exactly what we can offer!

We have an extensive range of interior and exterior shutters to suit all tastes. Speak to us about today on 087 238 2123 or about our range of shutters and arrange a free measure and quote (obligation free) or Visit our showrooms in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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