Peace of mind is a priceless commodity

When we think home design or décor we dive in head first, literally. Our inside living areas; lounges, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens take priority with gardens following in second place, but when do we pause to consider how secure our homes are?

Our homes are our refuge, our place of comfort, our safe place; or so they should be. Unfortunately, we live in a country where the rate of crime and criminal activities are on the rise, making additional security a priority.  High walls, electric fences, intercom systems, CCTV, alarms and armed response, security gates and burglar bars are all too familiar in our neighbourhoods and looking for alternative and better safety measures is always a high priority for most.  But who wants to live in a prison?

This being said, there is a security solution that may have you turning inside out with excitement. A solution that protects our home from would be intruders and in so doing ups the value of the property.

Why not consider Security shutters or window shutters or sliding door shutter, a decorative shutter with the added benefit of security? They are manufactured from aluminium and have adjustable louvres AMERICAN shutters’ Security Shutters have been designed using an industry first ‘Gear Tilt’ system hidden in the shutter framework, that keeps the louvres in place and nullifies the need for unattractive and problematic tilt bars. The louvres fit snugly against the shutter framework, and with stainless steel bolts that lock up and down, the shutters are very secure.

These lockable, powder-coated, aluminium security shutters can be used inside or outside, simultaneously protecting and dressing your doors and windows.

Let’s take a closer look at some additional features of AMERICAN shutters’ Security Shutters.

  • Custom made

The Security shutters are custom made and can be installed on most window and door openings and often used to enclose covered patios.

  • Privacy with a view

The shutters are usually installed on the inside of the opening so that once the shutters are locked and closed the inter-leafed shutter panels provide privacy and improved security from the outside. Our the new ‘Gear Tilt’ system hidden in the shutter framework, keeps the louvres in place and nullifies the need for unattractive and problematic tilt bars. With no tilt bar, the louvres are able to fit snugly against the shutter framework ensuring criminals are unable to see what’s going on inside. and this eliminates the possibility of a home being put in a compromising situation.

The adjustable louvres enable you to control the amount of light that comes into a room at any time. Privacy can also be adjusted as and when it’s needed, which makes security shutters ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms alike.

  • Security with style

Security has moved beyond “old fashioned” burglar bars, security gates and big bolts. AMERICAN shutters’ sleek new-generation Security Shutters offer the same aesthetic appeal as their wooden shutters to complement the aesthetics of any home, with the peace of mind knowing that the shutters are providing added security to your home. AMERICAN shutters’ Security Shutters are available in a range of 3 standard powder-coated colours and custom colours on request, the shutters are designed to complement any décor and interior design style.

  • Perfect for South African Climate

Not only do their security shutters look good, they are impervious to rust, wind and weather. Locally made for South African requirements from architectural grade aluminium (100% recyclable) with rust-resistant hardware, powder- coated for a corrosion resistant finish the shutters are functional,  robust, easy to clean and available in different configurations like hinged, bi-Fold and by-Pass

and all components. All shutters come with a 5-year fully comprehensive warranty; including installation, moving parts ???

  • Easy to Maintain and Operate

Not only are AMERICAN shutters’ Security shutters functional, durable and easy to clean, they are also  UV and fade resistant and durable enough to last in unforgiving coastal conditions, ensuring you years of hassle and maintenance free security.

Your home is more than just a property.  It is our refuge, our place of comfort, our safe place; so, go ahead and express your style in a comfortable and secure living space. Keep external threats and weather hazards at bay with AMERICAN shutters’ Security Shutters.

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