Why AMERICAN shutters®?

Before choosing a company to manufacture and install shutters in your home, consider these six very important factors, and we are confident you will find AMERICAN shutters® meets and exceeds all.

  1. Reputation: Ask to see a portfolio of previous installations and customer references; even better if you can get the contact details of previous customers to validate these. AMERICAN shutters was established in 1985 and has manufactured and installed shutters in thousands of homes across South Africa.
  2. Competitive Pricing: Cost matters, but not at the expense of quality. When comparing quotes, look critically at all aspects of the products quoted on. AMERICAN shutters has remained competitive in an ever-changing industry for more than three decades.
  3. Product Quality: Visit a showroom to view and operate the shutters and ask to see proof of any certifications, accreditations and ratings. Insist on seeing detailed technical specs on material, features and finishes to get a full picture. AMERICAN shutters has the widest range of shutter styles, finishes and features, and can manufacture most ranges to fit unusually-shaped openings.
  4. Design Advice: Value-add services such as interior design and product advice is critical to a successful installation. The right advice results in the right choice. AMERICAN shutters has a wealth of experience and expertise, and uses this to offer the best advice on the market.
  5. Skilled Artisans: A company’s reputation is built on the expertise and experience of its skilled staff, from sales to manufacture to installation. Look into how long a company has been in operation and the testimonials of previous customers. AMERICAN shutters has a world-class manufacturing facility operated by technically skilled staff, and installation teams often complimented for their respectful behaviour and quality work.
  6. Peace of Mind: Carefully compare the guarantees and warranties offered to ascertain what is covered and for how long, paying attention to singled out or excluded components. AMERICAN shutters offers a three-year comprehensive warranty on all their shutter ranges.
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