AMERICAN shutters’ Warranty

AMERICAN shutters® offer a five-year comprehensive warranty on their Security Shutters and a three-year comprehensive warranty on all their other shutter ranges.

Product is free from defectsProducts not ordered within specification
Workmanship is free from defectsUnauthorised repairs/alterations
Installation when undertaken by AMERICAN shutters or an authorised dealerFair wear and tear
Colour fastnessConsequential loss or damages
All moving parts
All hardware, including locks
All components whether manufactured by AMERICAN shutters or not
Coastal and inland properties
Warranty transfer to new owners
Exterior installations (2 years)
All our products are manufactured under strict specification guidelines. Should a customer request to deviate from these specifications, it will be pointed out to them that the warranty will fall away.

When comparing the guarantees or warranties of different companies, please take note of the following:
  • How long the company has been operating; how stable are they, will they be around to honour the warranty offered and deliver the required after-sales service.
  • What is the company’s track record; take a look at their portfolio and ask for customer reviews.
  • How comprehensive is the warranty; does it cover all components or are certain excluded or subject to shorter periods. Pay careful attention to any exclusions.
  • Check whether the warranty is being offered directly from the manufacturer i.e. AMERICAN shutters®, or is it a reseller warranty. If the warranty is by the reseller, will the correct shutter range be specified and will the shutters be installed correctly?
  • Does the warranty period provide adequate time to detect any defects in the material and or workmanship?
  • Does your installation warranty match your product warranty?

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