10 Reasons to Love Shutters

10 Reasons to Love Shutters

It’s the month of love and the perfect excuse for us to remind you why we love shutters!

It’s the month of love and the perfect excuse for us to remind you why we love shutters!

1. Privacy control

When the louvres are closed, shutters provide complete privacy; blocking any unwelcome interior views. More reliable than fabric curtains and blinds that can move with the slightest breeze or in some cases are semi-transparent, shutters are ideal for use in bedrooms and bathrooms. AMERICAN shutters’ ranges have the option to split shutter panels into different segments or louvre banks allowing the flexibility to open certain louvres while closing others according to privacy needs. Read more here.

2. Easy to maintain

Practical shutters require little to no maintenance and can be easily cleaned without having to remove them from the window or door opening as fabric curtains and blinds do. Follow these maintenance and cleaning guidelines.

3. Comfort

Control natural light and ventilation by opening and closing the panels or louvres. You can direct natural sunlight and control the warmth of a room by tilting the shutter louvres or block it out completely when the shutters are closed. In the same way, you can enjoy the natural cooling of fresh air without worrying about billowing curtains in a breeze. Find out more about the benefits of shutters here.

4. Complements all interior design styles

Shutters complement all types of architectural design and look great in all interior decor schemes, from traditional to contemporary, industrial to country and everything in between.

5. Security

As robust and reliable as traditional burglar bars and safety gates, AMERICAN shutters’ Security Shutters Range has the added advantage of style. Matching the elegant design features and smooth operation of timber shutters, this range enhances the interior design of any home. View the impressive security features of this range here.

6. Versatile

Shutters can be manufactured in various configurations, hinged, Bi-Fold and By-Pass – depending on their purpose and the home’s layout. Suitable for both windows and doors, certain ranges can also be customised to fit unusual-shaped openings, so doing enhancing the architectural features of a home.

7. Indoor and outdoor application

AMERICAN shutters’ Security Shutter Range can be installed both inside and outside the home. Made from powder-coated architectural-grade aluminium, they are 100% water-resistant and will not rust.

8. Timeless style

Shutters have, in various formats, been around for centuries. Dating back to the time of King Louis XIV in France in the 17th century to the most modern homes being built today, their aesthetic appeal transcends eras and trends. Find out more about the history of shutters here.

9. Add financial value

Considered permanent fixtures, shutters add financial value to a property, the full benefits of which you will see when you have your home evaluated or marketed.

10. Beauty

There is simply no window or door finish more stylish and beautiful than masterfully designed and manufactured shutters; the reason they are preferred by so many award-winning architects and interior designers.


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