For many of us, the homes we see on the glossy pages of architecture and interior design magazines, featured on décor websites or showcased on television, are dreams away. Yet we still look at these for inspiration and those rare but beautiful moments when something featured falls within our reach.

In many of the homes showcased, we see that shutters are often the choice of architects, interior designers and homeowners. The timeless style, sophisticated simplicity and versatile functionality have made them a preferred window and door finish for quite literally centuries. Shutters are seen elegantly framing seascapes, vineyards and the city light views of these beautiful homes, but what makes them even more attractive is that unlike some of the views they frame, shutters are attainable to most homeowners, most just don’t realise it.

So, in the interest of all the page-turners, mouse clickers and channel hoppers out there who are inspired by the beauty of shutters, we are here to debunk four popular shutter myths.

1. Shutters are only suitable for large homes with big windows and doors

Shutters work well in almost any size home; depending on the shutter configuration you choose. “Hinged and Bi-Fold shutters need space for the shutter panels to operate, whereas By-Pass shutters don’t require the same amount of space in front of the window or door opening,” says Karina Palmer, interior designer and marketing director of AMERICAN shutters. “In fact, if we are consulted during the design phase of home building or renovation, we can advise on installation options that make shutters one of the most practical and space-saving finishes available.”

Shutters can also be installed on any size window. AMERICAN shutters can customise the frame and shutter panel sizes and give informed advice on the best configuration and louvre width options. Shutters are perfect for bathrooms, many of which have small windows. They are practical, easy to clean and some ranges are even waterproof. “Not only can we manufacture shutters for small openings, but we also customise certain of our ranges to unusual shapes such as portholes,” says Karina.

2. Shutters offer no security

This is simply not true. AMERICAN shutters offers an aluminium Security Shutter range that is as beautiful as it is robust. Designed with unique security features that match or exceed traditional security gates or burglar proofing, this shutter range withstands aggressive break-in attempts – see the security test video here. “Our Security Shutters look as good as our wooden shutters and because they have the same elegant design features, they are a welcome alternative especially since they serve as effective security barriers as well.” says Karina.

3. Shutters are expensive

“So many of our clients are pleasantly surprised to find out that our Security Shutters are competitively priced,” says Karina. This is something AMERICAN shutters backs up with a ‘Price Promise’; whereby they promise to match or better any like-for-like price on presentation of a formal competitor quote.

Decowood Shutters is another cost-effective AMERICAN shutters’ range. Made from engineered timber, these shutters are eco-friendly, practical and perfect for all interior installations.


4. You have to wait a long time for your order

AMERICAN shutters’ locally manufactured ranges have a standard turnaround time of only 15 – 20 working days from order to installation. “Every shutter order is manufactured to the unique style, size and finish requirements of the client. “This level of customisation takes time,” says Karina. “In all cases, we work with our clients to ensure a timeous delivery without compromising quality.”

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